This week’s news brought us a couple of stories about people lining up and what gives us the most satisfaction.

It’s hard for us to get excited about staying in a long line for a night or even for days or weeks at a time, but there are some people out there that are eager to do so.

Dunkin Donuts

On the other side of Los Angeles from Qless headquarters, people lined up for up to 37 hours of the grand opening of the first full expression of Dunkin Donuts in California since they withdrew from the state in the 1990’s. It’s the first iteration of a 30 store expansion, and what did the people in line get? The first 100 received goodie bags while #1 waiter got a year of free coffee. I guess you have to really love Dunkin to understand why you would put yourself through that. I suppose Mr. #1 will ponder it every day as he waits in line to get his free coffee.

iPhone flagship store NYC

If you haven’t heard about this, chances are you haven’t been in contact with the outside world for quite some time. The iPhone 6 is set to be revealed this month. That’s right, it hasn’t even been unveiled yet and people are getting in line. In fact, it’s not available for sale until at least September 19th. The queue culture grows with every year of people who wait for items to go up for sale. People want to be the first to buy the product which typically costs around $7-800. You wonder who can afford to both line up for weeks and get the phone, right? Turns out some of those early queuers are there on company time. They work for hardware/software related companies who want the publicity and access to the device right away. That explains being able to get away from the office for 3 weeks to sleep at the flagship Apple store on the lovely streets of New York City.

Hope the publicity’s worth it. I hear you can pre-order the phone so it arrives at your doorstep on the first day of release. That’s how we at Qless will be buying our iPhones.

Is the wait worth it?

NPR article

That’s always the question we ask when we’re ready to jump in line for something. A study that was just published looks at just that. How do we feel when we’ve gotten something that we’ve waited in line for?

Well, according to the study, it depends on if you’re waiting for a material possession versus an experience. People who were waiting for an experience seemed to get more satisfaction that someone who purchased an item. It makes sense. Two years from now you’ve still got your iPhone, it’s beat up and needs replacing so you’ve got to get a new one. It had a function, it did a lot of things, but you’re already in love with the newest phone and can’t wait for that. But that trip to Disney World where you waited in line when were 5 years old? You can’t recreate that and each time it’s a little different. You can’t buy the good vibes back, but you can get new ones.

The absolute last word in lines.

Buzzfeed came up with their own list of what they can wait for, but as one @chloeifshin said:

I DONT DO LINES. #queuecaine

Qless says just say no. #queuecaine2014