Introduce Flex Appointments at DMV Offices

An empty waiting room with red chairs

Many DMVs have recently made the shift towards favoring appointment scheduling so they can manage customers on a one-on-one basis while keeping a clean and safe environment for both staff and customers. With the COVID vaccine becoming more widespread, some DMVs have chosen to once again take walk-in customers as well as book appointments. The QLess check-in app for DMV uses Flex Appointments technology to automatically handle appointments, and virtual queues to promote social distancing for walk-in customers.

Ease of Automated Scheduling

Current times call for an update in processes for many industries, and the DMV is no exception. New technologies that utilize customers’ cell phones make it easy and affordable for businesses to do so. The QLess check-in app for DMV lets customers book their appointments on the app or by using the company’s website. Once their appointment is scheduled, they receive automated reminders about their upcoming appointment to help keep them on track. The Flex Appointments software allows DMV customers to communicate with staff should they run into delays or need to cancel their appointment. Staff can also send notifications directly to customers’ phones when needed.

Integrate With Walk-Ins

The Flex Appointments DMV software isn’t just for scheduling appointments, it also creates a virtual queue for walk-ins that allows customers to wait anywhere until they are summoned for service. It prioritizes customers with appointments and fills gaps in the schedule with customers who walk in. While in the virtual queue, customers receive text or voice message notifications that give them accurate wait time forecasts. With timely updates about their place in line, they are free to wait in their vehicle, at nearby businesses, or even at home if they please. 

Organization for Staff

DMV employees love QLess Flex Appointments because it gives them a real-time dashboard and appointment scheduling calendar. These features let them see who has an upcoming appointment, who is waiting in the virtual queue for immediate service, and what types of transactions the customers need. Instead of managing a crowded waiting room full of irritated customers, they can digitally manage customers who are content waiting for services anywhere.

Data Collection

Another bonus feature of Flex Appointments for DMV is the ability of the software to collect important data. Data like personal customer information, transaction types and duration times, no-show rates, and more are all recorded into easy-to-read graphs and reports. Managers can use these analytics to gain insights into customer habits, create employee incentive programs, and improve business operations. The DMV QLess check-in app also gives managers the option to send satisfaction surveys to customers’ cell phones as soon as their transaction has concluded. This offers a high rate of return and an accurate method of gathering customer feedback 

So many DMVs are already having great success with QLess. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits and features of Flex Appointments for the DMV! We’ll set up a personalized demo to show you firsthand how simple and convenient QLess is to implement and use.