Time is the most valuable, nonrenewable resource. Nobody enjoys wasting valuable time waiting in long lines. Long queues are extremely frustrating and can be torture for many customers. Most customers will walk away or avoid your business altogether if they must wait for too long to receive your product or service. Long wait times are bad for business and can impact your reputation and bottom line.

Just how bad are long queues for business? According to a report published by Intel and Box Technologies, 86 percent of customers will avoid your business if they think the wait time is too long and 41 percent will walk away from the line and cancel their purchase. Long wait times often indicate poor management and bad customer service. You must reduce wait times to enhance customer experience and boost business growth.

The Impact of Customer Experience on Business Success

Reducing long queues improves customer experience, which plays a critical role in business profitability. Customer experience is the most important determinant of business success. Satisfied customers return over and over again for your products or services, boosting your business’s sales and profits. Happy customers will also promote your business through positive word-of-mouth and online reviews, helping you build a strong brand image.

Having long queues in your business is one sure way to ruin customer satisfaction. Long wait times can make people feel like they are wasting their life, consequently, irritating and angering many customers. An astounding 91 percent of unsatisfied customers will never do business with you again and will tell up to 20 people about their bad experience. Eliminating long wait times will enhance customer experience, and improve your business’s reputation and profit margins.

Eliminating Long Queues with Qless

A woman sitting on a blue couch in an office waiting room

From government agencies to healthcare and retail, many industries require people to wait in lines or lobbies to receive their products or services. On busier days, your lines and lobbies can get too long and congested, frustrating both staff and customers. Employee frustration reduces service quality and dissatisfied customers may leave and never return, both of which directly impact your reputation and revenue generation.

How can you eliminate crowds and produce a more pleasant environment for both staff and customers? Adopting crowd management technologies like Qless can eliminate long queues and congested lobbies, leading to happier employees and customers. With the Qless queue management system, you can improve service quality and enhance customer experience, two important factors needed to promote organizational success.

How Does Qless Work

Qless is an appointment scheduling and queue management software that makes people wait in virtual lines instead of physical ones. With Qless, people book an appointment and join a queue online to wait for their turn. Virtual queues empower customers to wait for their turn from anywhere they wish. Your customers can wait in line from home, work, or Starbucks, reducing long queues and on-site congestion on your premises.

Your customers don’t need tech-savvy skills to use Qless. Anyone with a mobile phone can use our queue management software. Here is how Qless works:

  1. Customers book an appointment and join an online queue using an on-site kiosk or your website.
  2. Customers wait for their turn in the virtual queue from wherever they want.
  3. While in the virtual queue, customers are sent real-time updates on their place in line and estimated wait time via SMS.
  4. When their turn comes up, customers enter your on-site premises to attend their appointment.

Qless’s virtual queues decrease the number of people that must be present on-site to wait for their services. Customers can use their wait time to perform more productive work. Eliminating long physical queues prevents anger and frustration as customers no longer feel that you are wasting their time. Smaller crowds and fewer customer complaints also improve employee morale. Happier employees are able to deliver higher-quality services, enhancing customer experience in your organization.

Reduce Long Queues and Wait Times with Qless

Improving customer service is the best investment you can make for business growth. Great service will not only help retain existing clientele but will also bring in more customers. Reducing long queues and wait times with Qless is one of the best strategies you can implement to improve customer service. Contact us to inquire about our queue management software or request a business demo to see how the system enhances customer experience.