When looking at the state of business in the 21st century, it can be daunting to think of all the business that is done purely through technology. Consider for a moment the enterprise of Amazon, a business that is by a wide margin one of the largest companies by revenue in the world. Almost every aspect of the company is handled through technology, with the overwhelming majority of transactions occurring online. This is just one of the most glaring examples. It seems that everywhere you look, the most successful companies are on the cutting edge of tech, and keep their business almost exclusively relegated to the online experience. A digital queuing system can put retail businesses on par with other businesses that are a part of the tech industry.

For someone who has a business that demands to be conducted the old fashioned way, this can be incredibly discouraging. Brick and mortar retail locations not only have to deal with the physical difficulties of doing business that are absent from electronic commerce, but often times they are faced with a tremendously large amount of overhead compared to their digital counterparts. With all of this in mind, it can certainly be easy to develop a cynical point of view about emerging technologies like digital queuing systems in brick and mortar locations, considering how tech itself has assumed an antagonistic role in your endeavor.

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  • A Productive Mindset

    Technology doesn’t have to ruin the way that you are accustomed to doing business, and it certainly doesn’t have to hinder any productivity or communication when it comes to dealing with your customers. Making technology your ally in brick and mortar locations is largely a matter of mindset, as well as understanding the correct applications to use.

    Consider for a moment one of the drawbacks of an on-site business transaction. Assume that everything about the way that your business is run is ideal. You are staffed perfectly and you have optimized your location to serve customers as quickly and effectively as possible. There is absolutely no such thing as too many customers, so even in a perfect world, some of them are going to have to wait. This can, through no fault of your own, lead to situations where customers become frustrated, cause confusion, or even walk out. It’s one of the instances where you can make technology perform for you instead of against you. With the proper digital queuing system, you can be sure to create a perfectly streamlined experience for your customers.

    Appointment Integration

    Any kind of appointment system, while always necessary, is hard to create in a way that isn’t somewhat prone to disaster, to put it mildly. Ideally, customers would arrive at the perfect time to carry out their appointments. However, as anyone who has ever operated a business knows, situations such as these are far from ideal. Customers tend to be late for their appointments by small margins, or even worse, not show up at all. This can leave you with difficult decisions. Rather than allow the stress of these choices to consume you, a digital queuing system can handle this for you. With Qless, appointments are integrated with walk-ins seamlessly.

  • Digital Queuing Systems

    Imagine yourself as one of your own customers. Even if you were seeking out what you knew to be one of the most exciting and satisfying products or services available, nothing in the world can stop how dampened your spirit might become when you walk into your favorite service, only to see a considerable line. Even for companies that conduct most of their business online and use brick and mortar locations exclusively for pick-up and other transactions that demand to be conducted in person, a long wait practically destroys any joy that stood to be gained.

    There’s nothing enjoyable about waiting, but with Qless integration, you can make the experience as painless as possible. In fact, there are several studies that have shown that after the integration of a successful digital queuing system, customer satisfaction, and even worker productivity, have gone up in excess of 20%. With fewer of your employees focused on managing unruly lines, more focus can be directed toward providing your service as it is done under the most ideal of situations.

    Analytics for Customers

    By far, the greatest boon that technology can give you in operating an effective, welcoming, and above all else, consistent business, is information on the customer experience. Customer experience can be vastly improved with the key data that you can gain with a queuing system. Qless provides data such as customer behavior and tendencies, and this information can assist in making some of your most crucial business decisions. With analytics such as these, you can always be ready for a rush, and you’ll know exactly when and what to anticipate at the times that your business is the absolute busiest.

Queue Systems to Put Your Physical Location on the Digital Map

With Qless, you don’t need to worry about technology bringing down your brick and mortar shop. Digital queuing system solutions don’t have to change the way that you’ve always done business, it simply exists to make your business run more functionally than you’ve ever thought possible.