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Go to any place where people have to wait, speak to the managers, and you’ll hear that the biggest complaint is the wait time for customers in line

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in — a restaurant, store, university, government office, or a health clinic — people don’t want to wait at your location. It can be boring and frustrating, and people have other things to do with their time.

The good news is there are customer queue apps, like Qless, that let people wait wherever they want. With a virtual scheduling app, customers can join the queue from anywhere using a mobile app, website, SMS, or phone. The cloud system keeps them up to date on their place in line and their current wait time. 

Make Waiting Easy for Customers

A digital appointment system reduces both wait time and the number of customers in line. And one of the best things about scheduling apps is that people can wait wherever they want; they can stay at home, go shopping or meet a friend for a coffee or a drink. 

Customer queue apps let people join the queue virtually and schedule an appointment for any day that works for them. Rather than traveling to your location and taking a number, a system like Qless lets customers take control of their time and makes it easy for them to join the queue and wait how and where they want. 

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How to Make It Fun for Your Customers In Line

Customer queue apps also make it easier to incorporate walk-ins into your schedule. Rather than have customers wait in line, you can make it fun for them if they are looking for things to do while they wait. 

Most people would prefer to do anything other than just sitting around someplace. Since the Qless app alerts them of their waiting time, customers know they have time to do something until it’s their turn. 

You can create a list of places to go or things to do in the area around your business. You might suggest coffee shops, local sights, parks, or other points of attraction people might find interesting. 

Instead of complaints from customers in line, you’ll receive positive feedback from your customers who have enjoyed exploring new things in your area. 

Making it fun and easy for customers in line to spend their time waiting for their turn. Learn how a customer queue app like Qless can help your business by scheduling a demo today.