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The healthcare industry relies on appointment scheduling between doctors and patients to run its operations. However, the efficiency of your medical scheduling software can play a large role in determining whether the patient will show up for their appointment. As much as 30 percent of medical appointments are no-shows, costing the US healthcare industry more than $150 billion every year.

Many common mistakes in appointment scheduling and handling can lead to patient no-shows. Missed appointments are financially damaging for healthcare practices, costing physicians at least $200 per no-show. Decreasing your no-show rate can help you operate a more successful healthcare practice. Avoid these three common mistakes in your medical scheduling software to reduce costly missed appointments:

Failing to Send Appointment Reminders

Most people have a hectic lifestyle. Paying bills on time while balancing work and family life can be viewed as time-consuming. Many instances of patient no-shows are simply because people forgot they had made an appointment. Not using your appointment calendar app to send reminders to patients is a very common mistake that increases costly no-shows at your practice.

You should consider optimizing your hospital scheduling software to send automatic text reminders to patients. The Qless appointment scheduling software sends automatic SMS and email reminders to patients to reduce no-shows. This allows patients to cancel their appointment in advance if they can’t show up. You can then allocate the available spot to another patient to reduce unused scheduling capacity and avoid revenue loss.

Not Collecting Feedback

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Modern medical scheduling software has feedback collection features that allow you to obtain reviews from patients about the quality of your services. From signing up with queue management to walking in the door, you can use the app’s feedback collection functionality to gain insight into your entire appointment setting experience. Many practices make the mistake of not using their appointment calendar apps to gauge the quality of their patient experience. 

Failure to collect feedback can make it difficult to identify any flaws in your patient scheduling services that are contributing to missed appointments. The Qless medical scheduling software makes it easy to collect patient reviews by offering automated surveys that collect feedback in real time. Using your hospital scheduling software to collect reviews can help you improve patient experience and run a more successful practice.

Not Providing Online Scheduling Options

The most common mistake healthcare practices make in their appointment booking software is not offering online scheduling options. Making appointment booking and rescheduling inconvenient is the biggest cause of patient no-shows in the healthcare industry. Many patients find it inconvenient to call the clinic and cancel or reschedule their appointments. More than 77 percent of patients think the ability to book, cancel, or change appointments online is important but only 2.4 percent of medical appointments are self-scheduled.

Offering online booking options in your medical scheduling software is the key to keeping your appointments full and revenues flowing. The Qless appointment calendar app not only enables online booking and rescheduling but also allows your patients to wait for their appointments in virtual queues instead of physical ones. Improving patient experience by offering scheduling convenience will help you operate a more profitable healthcare enterprise.

Reduce Scheduling Mistakes with Qless

Common scheduling mistakes are costing your healthcare practice valuable resources. Avoiding these three common mistakes in hospital scheduling software can reduce appointment no-shows and improve your organization’s cash flow. 

The Qless medical scheduling software makes it easy to avoid common booking mistakes in the healthcare industry. Contact us to learn more about our healthcare scheduling software or request a business demo to experience how the system works to reduce missed appointments.