Last week, as we inaugurated our first Black U.S. President for his second term, we also honored the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.–a man who had a dream, and who against all odds succeeded in helping to make that dream a reality. The coincidence was fitting, and for many (myself included), inspirational.

Dr. King was a true visionary who saw the world through different eyes than his contemporaries. Whereas most people merely record their world as a status quo, Dr. King–like visionaries before and after–chose to rather see infinite possibility. He chose to envision a world without human prejudice based on skin color, religious views, or socio-economics. And finally, he chose to act upon his vision and to revolutionize a culture that had long been overdue for change.

But, change is not easy. One of my favorite quotes from Dr. King is:

“Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle.”

Give People Back Lost Time

With change as inspiration, and knowing that it does not come easy, allow me to humbly share the vison we hold at Qless: to give people back the lost time in their lives. Billions of hours of humanity’s collective time are wasted waiting in line every single day. That’s 500 times the man hours it took to build the Empire State Building–wasted–every single day. And the kicker is: standing in line is an antiquated and obsolete activity, since we now have the technology to eliminate it.

President Obama seems to agree, saying in his inaugural speech:

“Our journey is not complete until no citizen is forced to wait for hours to exercise the right to vote.”

Our Vision

Indeed, eliminating voting lines was one of the first things Obama prioritized during his victory speech on November 6, which we captured in this minute-long musical video, with appearances from the President, Charlie Sheen and the Simpsons.

Can you imagine a world where people no longer have to stand in line? Can you imagine what people (what you!) might do with that precious time? We have the technology to eliminate standing in line not only to vote, but for any government service–really for anything at all. All we need to do is allow others to share in our vision.

Please help us share Qless’ vision–of a world without lines–with President Obama. To do so, simply sign our petition to the President to make standing in line for federal government services illegal:

Sign the petition here.

One minute of your time now, in exchange for what can amount to years of your life saved for you personally, and billions of years saved for humanity. We ask you to join us now–help us give this time back to all of us.

After you sign the petition, don’t forget to SHARE it with your friends. Go ahead, do it now!

Then COMMENT below, and tell us what you’d do with your newfound time, if you never had to stand in line again.