Parents are a wonderful group of people, but those few times a year when moms and dads descend on campus tend to get pretty chaotic. Graduations, move-in dates, and parents weekends put a lot of pressure on your campus’ offices, stores and venues, and handling the diverse needs of thousands of students and their parents is difficult with limited resources. 

However, long lines and frustrated crowds aren’t the image you want parents – many of whom are paying significant sums for their son’s and daughter’s education – to bring home with them, and chaos and disorder aren’t the kind of thing you want students to have as their first (or final) impression of your institution. A queue management system can’t reduce the number of people that will visit your school during these events, but it can help you alleviate certain pain points and help maintain orderly operations during these trying times.

Offer Appointments & Virtual Queues

With a queue management system in place, parents and students can be directed to appropriate offices and put into efficient appointment windows or added to constantly-updated virtual queues so that everyone arrives where they need to be on time. This is important even during normal business, but during graduation and other busy parts of the semester it’s critical to have an automated system that can help people find their way without raising the blood pressure of your staff.

Handle Questions

Scheduling appointments is helpful not just for meetings and matters of importance, but also for organizing the banal questions and concerns that parents tend to get into their heads when they’re on campus. Front-facing kiosks and mobile app queue management systems are far more efficient greeters than your busy employees, and they cut down on the number of people wandering into various offices and creating lines where they don’t need to.

Improve Workflows

Staff always have a lot to do during big events, such as parent weekends and graduation. There’s a torrent of administrative activity on everybody’s plates before even the first person walks through the door with a question they haven’t quite thought through yet. It can be a nightmare to get through all of the extra work that pops up when that many people are on campus.

Installing a queue management system with load balancing and wait forecasting features, such as Qless, not only puts some automation in front of the crowds, but it can dramatically limit the amount of work that actually walks through the door. For example, if your office is at maximum capacity or totally booked for the day, Qless will alert you and automatically stop taking new appointments. And if one store or office is at capacity but another location across campus can serve that person just as well and has openings, Qless will simply direct visitors there. With Qless, work is laid out across a controlled, dedicated timeline that allows you to help as many people as possible without becoming overwhelmed.

Qless is there to make your parent weekends and graduations as smooth and efficient as they are exciting. Cut down on sending people to different offices, have a system in place that lets you fit walk-ins smoothly into your appointment schedule, and send people texts and emails so that no matter where they’re roaming they know when it’s time to head in and talk to somebody. Digital queue management makes things easier for students, parents, and your campus staff.