As some of the most essential businesses, healthcare facilities must find ways to enact social distancing measures for the safety of their patients and employees. That means providing ways for patients to easily make appointments online and through their mobile devices. It also means cutting out the waiting room and using updated methods to check patients in for appointments. Qless patient scheduling software can do all this and give healthcare facilities an easy way to keep track of patient data.

Simple for Patients to Use

Who enjoys having to call an office and be placed on hold as you attempt to make an appointment? Qless simplifies the process with a callback system. Healthcare receptionists call you back when they can speak with you. The health clinic software also provides other modern ways of making appointments, instead of old dial-up methods. Patients can easily book their appointments online with the patient scheduling software using the company’s website or a mobile app. So no matter what generation your patients are from, there’s an easy way they are familiar with to get their health taken care of.

Clear Out the Waiting Rooms

Today, social distancing is a huge issue that needs to be tackled by any business, but it’s especially important in healthcare facilities. Patient scheduling software makes it possible for patients to virtually check in for their appointments from the safety of their own vehicles. That means no more crowded waiting rooms full of potentially sick individuals who could infect others. Patients check in with their cell phones and receive alerts about wait times. Healthcare employees can communicate directly with them using text or voice messages and phone calls when it’s their turn for service.

Track Patient Data

Qless patient scheduling software makes life easier for both patients and employees. On the back end, the software collects detailed data from every patient. Patient trends and satisfaction surveys can be organized into graphs and reports to help you see the overall picture of how your business is doing. You can compare this data between separate branches to keep every team on task. Detailed files equal less legwork for receptionists, so they can spend more time focusing on patients.

A Solution That Will Become the Future Standard

There’s no doubt that patient scheduling software is desperately needed during the COVID-19 pandemic. But as we move into the future where a vaccine is perfected and distributed, it’s easy to see how this modern technology will continue to help healthcare facilities function more smoothly. Patients and healthcare employees love the convenience, and management loves the data features. Continuing social distancing measures will always be helpful during peak flu seasons to reduce the spread of contagions.
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