According to the U.S. Postal Service, December 19 and 20 will be the busiest mailing days this year for holiday cards and packaging. Many people will be sending their packages in hopes of reaching their destinations prior to Christmas Day. But with big demand comes big, frustrating lines.

This article from the Washington Post describes just how bad it’s getting at the Postal Service:

“Loyal readers of The Federal Eye regularly complain about the long lines and grumpy postal workers working at the neighborhood post office…There were 59 million fewer visits to post offices in 2010 than in 2009, and visits are down 21 percent over the last decade.”

Post offices are closing down all the time, because people are fed up with waiting sometimes over an hour just to send a package.

The U.S. Postal Service is notorious for long lines during peak times of the year, and their solutions are never logical. In 2007, their solution to alleviating the frustration of waiting in long lines was to remove clocks from over 37,000 locations nationwide.

Are you kidding me? Post offices aren’t casinos. People won’t get caught up in the frenzy and fun of mailing packages that it causes them to send more packages. And here’s a news flash for the Postal Service, people wear watches.

Trying to trick customers into thinking they’ve spent less time waiting is not the answer to better queue management. The Qless SMS queue manager could revolutionize government agencies like the Postal Service, the DMV, the Social Security Administration, and courthouses.

Instead of removing clocks, send your customer a text message when it’s their turn in line.

Post Office Lines Exposed