Qless appeared in the press again, this time in Nation’s Restaurant News, where one of our customers was quoted saying “It’s helped keep customers from walking away,” said Ngo, who was concerned about theft or abuse of restaurant-issued pagers.

At the same time, we broke two records: first we closed a new customer, eggtc, in the shortest time since lead to customer ever, which also launched faster than any previous customer, with our installation done in less than 24 hours, as usual, but this time they were up and running themselves within 48 hours of that –kudos to Joe. Second, we added our largest individual customer yet, the legendary 58-year-old Zagat-Best-Restaurant-Award-Winning Montgomery Inn, which was named the #1 rib restaurant and the #1 restaurant featuring barbecue in the entire Unites States, and #22 in volume among independent restaurants in the entire US, by “Restaurants & Institutions” magazine, the benchmark of the foodservice industry. Montgomery Inn also broke the customer acquisition timeframe record again, going from lead to customer in a meager 4 days: it doesn’t take the pros long to recognize value when they see it. This reduction in time to sale and time to deployment speak about both about the market’s increasing receptiveness to mobile queueing and to our own increasing understanding of how to position and deploy Qless.

eggtc’s launch has proved the greatest Qless-induced reduction in no-shows yet, with seated rates increasing by 53% on the first two days of Qless deployment.

Continuing with our tradition of highlighting an extraordinary and entrepreneurial person or company who has helped make abInventio a reality, today we focus on Jeff Suto, attorney at law. Jeff compenetrates himself deeply with the companies he works with, becoming an integral part of the team. His advice ranges from the strategic to the legal and yes, even the psychological. He is tremendously fun to work with, and has become a true friend in the years we have worked together. He is a true independent, not bowing to large interests but always true to his clients, and is always making new connections and introductions that might help his clients. He also possesses the valuable ability to dare tell you when he thinks you are wrong. All of which make us extremely privileged to count him among our founding team members.