Generation Y has a different mindset than previous consumers. Compared to the blind consumerism of the 80’s, young people today are product savvy.

Combining our social awareness and responsibility with brains that are wired to use the Internet as an extension of ourselves, Gen Y consumers are conscience of, and adept at, balancing fair trade conditions with the best price available.

We’re described as optimistic and socially conscience. We crave connectivity amongst our peers, and as consumers we heavily rely on product reviews.

As the Internet created for us a global community and unfounded levels of available information, my generation is distrustful of mainstream media. In consumerism this manifests as a preference for social media and word-of-mouth recommendations about products and services, which are far better received than traditional, “impersonal” advertising.

Those who speak frankly say that we are reliant on instant gratification. Those who are kinder say that our generation values convenience. Either way, we’re used to shopping at the “click of a button.” Amazon® may have changed the way the world shops, but for many in my generation, it’s the only way we’ve ever shopped: online and guided by personal product reviews.

Qless & The Millennial Generation

Understanding that the Millennial Generation is technologically savvy, prone to multitasking, reliant on product and service reviews, environmentally conscience and in search of convenience when shopping, Qless is a service designed for the next generation.

Qless also reduces your carbon footprint by eliminating the need to drive to a brick and mortar building to stand in line, and can also give you a paperless receipt. Qless gives you the ability to wait in line while living and working online, as so many of us do. Studies have shown that younger generations are less likely to call a company for inquiries, and businesses without online information or virtual chat may lose younger customers to companies who do.

Gen Y prefers low maintenance, stress free tasks such as texting as they are very tech savvy. Then, the SMS/texting platform offered by Qless allows consumers to be contacted in a low maintenance, stress free and familiar way.

Key Takeaway:

  • Give my generation an experience that they’ll want to share, and they will. Replace waiting in line with multitasking online, and we will benefit from checking tasks off of our lists without having to leave our desks.
  • If business acknowledges these tendencies of Gen Y, in return they will be able to improve the overall customer experience, retain customers, and increase sales over time.

About our Guest Author:
Dana Carter, PhD is a classically trained neuroscientist with a background in brain research. She spent five years researching how different drugs and alcohol can affect the developing fetal brain during pregnancy, and two years researching the genetic and environmental contributors to mental illness. Currently, Dana focuses on relaying important brain-health and nutrition information and research to the general public through science writing. She received her PhD in Neuroscience from the Texas A&M Institute for Neuroscience and her B.Sc. in Psychology from Texas A&M University. She enjoys traveling, writing, and promoting learning about healthy, active minds and lifestyles.