What does a queue management platform have in common with Michael Phelps? The GOLD – six gold medals to be exact!

Qless earned the Gold Stevie® Award for “Company of the Year” from both the 2016 International Business Awards and the 2016 American Business Awards. The double distinction marks our 6th win for the top honor in the “Best Computer Services” category: two consectuive years from the IBA and four consecutive years from the ABA – a testament to the excellence of our entire team and our amazing partners.

And now we are hoping to win the People’s Choice award – please vote to eliminate needless waiting in line!

We founded Qless in 2007 to provide a global solution to a global problem: eliminate waiting in line.

Since then, Qless has helped businesses save over 1,700 years of time for more than 60 million customers – an incredible accomplishment by a team of 30 employees.

Given the numerous computer service companies that improve our lives in infinite ways, it is humbling for Qless to receive this recognition from the panel of expert judges.

One judge’s comment felt particularly affirming:
“A modern savior for an age old custom.”

We congratulate our fellow honorees and look forward to continuing to eliminate lines around the world!