Qless Speaks about Textaurant Corporation Acquisition with Boston.com

Qless Founder and CEO, Alex Bäcker spoke with Boston Globe’s Michael Farrell about their latest acquisition this year: assets of the Textaurant Corporation. Farrell starts off the article speaking of an idea Qless is making a reality, “Imagine a world without waiting in line.”

Qless’ acquisition of the Waltham competitor, the Textaurant Corporation, will allow them to apply their philosophy and technology to Boston area restaurants. Rather than waiting in physical lines, customers can now wait in a virtual line at restaurants.

Farrell makes sure to detail how Qless works stating: “customers give their phone number to a restaurant maitre d’… where the service is being used. When a table is ready…Qless will call or text the customer. That way … people can wait wherever they’d like.”

Bäcker is noted for being an MIT graduate who founded Qless in 2007 after establishing a handful of other tech companies. With more than 11 million people utilizing Qless, they have been able to eliminate 250 years of waiting in line.

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