HealthcareUncertain waits often aggravate illness by increasing anxiety simply by being in a hospital waiting room. The sounds, the smells, and the inability to leave, all add to patient discomfort. Wait management has streamlined communication between Impact Urgent Care and their patients so customers can arrive just in time for service. No more patients coughing on each other, watching the clock tick by, feeling like an eternity has passed.
Replacing long waits in reception rooms with virtual lines increases customer satisfaction by decreasing perceived wait times. A recent study by Impact Urgent Care showed that Qless increased customer satisfaction by 20% at two Impact Urgent Care locations, as measured by Net Promoter Scores. Impact Urgent Care is a Texas-based medical facility working to provide individuals and families quality medical care in crucial situations.
impactlogo.previewNet Promoter Scores is a well-established methodology that measures clients’ willingness to promote a brand to others. The study compared Impact Urgent Care’s customer satisfaction index for the months prior to implementing Qless technology and the months following. Impact Urgent Care CEO and President, Linda Ratner, commissioned the study to measure the effect Qless had in their waiting rooms.
“As a business owner, nurse, mom, and consumer of healthcare and retail, I appreciate how frustrating waiting can be,” said Linda Ratner. “Our society is so fast paced, it’s overwhelming but still there is so much to be packed into a single day. Qless is, like you say, a way to get back those hours that we throw away waiting. With this system, no one will feel as if they wasted time sitting in a reception room waiting. Thank you for creating such a phenomenal way to give my patients control over their healthcare experience.”
Another success story from the leader in waiting room management – Qless.