If you work in the freight and shipping industry, you’ve probably experienced your fair share of inefficiency when it comes to supply chain process. For those working with trucking transportation specifically, almost nothing is worse than an endless truck line: a long column of sixteen wheelers, idling their diesel engines and belching fumes, while the drivers wait for the arrival of cargo from a distant port of call. It is a problem in need of a technological solution – and now one exists.

With Qless queue management for truck lines, those inefficient lines that lead to a loss of productivity and a rise in pollution can be a thing of the past. The Qless vehicle booking system can help save truck drivers countless hours of waiting, improve productivity rates for staff, and even conserve environmental resources, all through a convenient and intuitive technology that integrates with existing systems.

Proof of Concept

But don’t simply take our word for it: a recent case study was conducted at the Antwerp Gateway Terminal in Belgium, where 65% of all containers loaded on to or discharged from deep sea vessels arrive or leave by truck.


Before adding the Qless vehicle booking system into their production process, the truck lines at the Antwerp Gateway Terminal were a significant drain on resources and a source of constant discouragement for management. By integrating our queue management for truck lines solution, port supervisors were able to virtually eliminate long truck lines overnight – and that’s when they began to really discover the benefits of Qless, including increased efficiency, boosted employee morale, and lower carbon emissions.

Saving Time

As the Antwerp case study proves, the Qless vehicle booking system can save truck drivers hours of wasted time and frustration. Drivers can sign up for a space in a virtual queue from their mobile device. Rather than wait in line indefinitely for cargo to arrive, drivers can instead monitor their spot in line remotely from wherever they’d like and receive notification when it is there turn to report to the terminal. This leaves them free to do other things and keeps the terminal completely traffic free.

At the Antwerp Gateway Terminal, where up to 2400 trucks funnel through the Terminal per day, this is estimated to conserve hundreds of hours a day for truck drivers.

Saving Money

Each day at ports around the world, millions of dollars are wasted as truckers idle their engines in lines waiting to come and go. In a business where time is money, Qless vehicle booking system helps you save both.

By effectively using Qless queue management for truck lines technology, you can clear the terminal of all unnecessary traffic and obstructions, making business run smoothly and efficiently. Qless may not be able to solve all of you port’s problems, but it can make your job a little easier every day.

By eliminating all traffic jams and making the exchanges reachable at the Antwerp Gateway Terminal at all times, management was able to ensure that their employees were free to productively handle their jobs, without having to worry about traffic flow.

Saving the Environment

The health and stability of the environment is in the best interest of everyone on the planet and, of course, for future generations. Thankfully, Qless vehicle booking system has you covered there too. By eliminating long lines of trucks idling their engines, you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a substantial amount each day. Multiply that over the course of several years and you’ll see a substantial improvement.

In the case of the Antwerp Gateway Terminal, the facility stands to decrease CO2 by 730,000 kilograms in one year. In that way, Qless vehicle booking system is not only a great solution to queue management for truck lines, it’s can also potentially generate a lot of goodwill and positive press for you business while helping to reduce the release of dangerous greenhouse gases.

What Are You Waiting For?

Qless has been proven to provide incredible results for clients in a variety of different verticals, including the shipping and receiving industry. Request a free demo and learn more about how the Qless vehicle booking system can become the queue management and scheduling solution you need to steer your business in the right direction.