QLess Waitlist App for Waiting Out of Line

The QLess waitlist app is the future for queue management. This software works to keep your customers satisfied, boosts employee production, and offers powerful data and analytics on your business. It’s perfect for industries like DMVsgovernmenthealthcareeducationlogisticsretail, and more.

Easy to Get Up and Running

QLess waitlist software works with any standard browser. There are no costly installation fees or hardware needed. Updates are performed automatically so there is no lengthy downtime. Your customers can use a queue kiosk at your location, your company’s website, or an app on their mobile phone to join the queue. They don’t even have to be in the store or office to join. Once in the virtual queue, customers receive notifications of their approximate wait time and place in line. As they move up in the queue, they receive updates which help them to manage their time and make it back to the business in time for service. 

When they are close to the front of the line, the waitlist app will ask them if they need more time. Instead of moving them to the back of the line, it will push them back in the queue. 

The app can also send alerts about current promotions and sales. Using the app to upsell is effective because customers are checking their phones for updates on wait times. Once the customer has completed their transaction, they will receive an immediate, short customer satisfaction survey that is recorded. The waitlist app creates reports using this information along with other pertinent data like transaction times and types, walk-outs, no-shows, and return rates.

Customers Love Their Experience with the QLess Waitlist App

Who wouldn’t love taking time that would have been wasted and putting it to good use? Some businesses are notorious for wait times that can last over an hour. Places like the DMV, doctor’s offices, theme parks, and popular restaurants can greatly benefit from the features of QLess. When customers have the freedom to wait where they want, they are happy with their experience and foster less frustration. Happy customers treat employees with respect and kindness. While raising your customers’ satisfaction, the waitlist software also increases your employees’ satisfaction and empowers them to be more productive. 

Candid customers leave good reviews and tell others about your business. Since bad online reviews can devastate a business’s reputation, it’s important to do everything in your power to keep your image spotless. Word of mouth is still a very important marketing channel for many businesses. 

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