Qless Inc, the mobile queuing solution that allows customers to wait in virtual and mobile lines, has been named by the International Business Awards the winner of six of their most prestigious awards. Founder and CEO, Alex Bäcker was named the Gold Stevie Winner of IT Executive of the Year, Silver Stevie Winner of Innovator of the Year, and Bronze Stevie Winner of Executive of the Year in Computer Software.

Backer commented on the awards saying, “We’re deeply honored to be named as the winners of such esteemed awards both for the IT and computer software industry on such a global level, with so many great companies out there. We have been able to save well over ten million customers a combined 226 years from waiting in line. Standing in line is dead. If you have your customers wait for service at your business, you might as well just cut two years of their life…Businesses, governments and universities anywhere in the world can shift from that ages-old paradigm of lines to a digital one that yields 99% client satisfaction and greater profits immediately. Often, they can be up and running on the very day they decide to go Qless. And they can do it with a 400% ROI guaranteed.”

Bäcker’s creation of Qless, Inc. has been honored with the Silver Stevie Winner of Company of the Year in Computer Services in Europe, Bronze Stevie Winner of the Most Innovative Company of the Year in Canada and the US, as well as Bronze Stevie Winner of Company of the Year in Computer Software in Europe.

This year marks the fifth time Qless has been named a finalist for either The American Business Awards’ domestic or international business award. With submissions estimated to top at 3,200 from a large array of organizations within varying industries, finalists have been chosen by more than 140 business professionals nationwide from the preliminary judging.

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