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Customers love the thrill of hitting the casino and pulling the right card or hitting the right number on a pair of dice as they suddenly come into contact with a boatload of cash. But if they have to wait in long lines, potentially breaching social distancing and putting themselves at risk, it can really kill the buzz. But don’t worry — there are simple solutions available to get your customers in the door without the hassle of long lines. If you have been frustrated by long queue times at your casinos, Qless may very well be able to help.

  1. Turning The Tables

As exciting as it is to score the winning hand at the poker table, it can be equally as aggravating to have to wait a long time for your turn to play, only to have your spot taken if you need to use the bathroom or order a drink. Qless can make sure your patrons do not have to put up with a second set of queue times if they need to step away from the table by giving them access to our queue management software. This waiting time management system has already paid fantastic dividends for Shoot Smart, a shooting range that was suffering under its own popularity and driving away potential customers with long lines until it managed to accommodate them with a feature that allowed them to leave the line and explore at their leisure until it was their turn to shoot. A casino solutions demo could easily provide similar results, letting players order from a restaurant or experience the live entertainment your establishment has to offer while they wait to play their hand. You might be experiencing long queue times at your casino right now, but they certainly do not have to stay that way!

  1. A Boon For Your Staff

Anyone who has worked at a casino can confirm that there is more to it than simply making sure the deck is shuffled right and the slots pay out correctly: food preparation, drink mixing, entertainment, cleaning, and hospitality all play their specialized roles in creating the perfect customer experience. The downside, however, is that queue times can occasionally get unwieldy if your employees get overwhelmed and have too many things to coordinate with different parts of your establishment. Qless can cut down on these problems with its ability to simplify and streamline the logistics of your casino; by making it easier for your employees to go where they are needed and help patrons according to their priority, long queue times may very well turn into a thing of the past at your establishment. Waiting time management apps like Qless increase your staff’s effectiveness in helping your customers, which makes them happier and more efficient overall. If all those benefits sound good to you, a casino solutions demo could be exactly what you need.

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  1. A Rising Tide

The queue times at your business are about more than just how long it takes for your customers to get what they came for: they are reflective of the way you organize your casino and where you place your priorities. When wait times are long, patrons and employees become frustrated; when lines move swiftly, customers become more amenable to spending money and workers become more attentive, improve their attitude, and excel at their job to a greater degree. If you do not believe the length of your queue times can make that big a difference, take a look at our whitepapers and check out the research for yourself. The simple fact is that having short lines can play a huge role in improving the reputation of your casino, which in turn brings in (and retains) more patrons and attracts (and motivates) a higher caliber of employees to keep the wheels turning. If that is not a perfect reason to give our waiting time management app a try, we would love to know what is!

Get Your Casino Solutions Demo Today

If long queue times have been dragging down your establishment, why not give Qless a try and see what all the fuss is about? Running a casino is all about giving your customers a fantastic experience, and few things give a patron a better experience than getting to throw their dice or play their hand as quickly as they want to. Qless has proven time and again that it can play a substantive role in satisfying your customers, letting your employees do their job with greater ease, and increasing the overall reputation of your establishment. Cutting down queue times in each aspect of your casino, whether you are trying to serve your patron a drink or a hand of blackjack, is the surest way to guarantee that each piece of the puzzle fits exactly the way it should. Why risk failing to deliver 100% customer satisfaction when Qless can help you offer the full package?

You can request a casino solutions demo and try our award-winning waiting time management app at no charge or obligation today. And if you still have questions about how Qless can make long queue times a thing of the past at your business, take a look at our FAQs or feel free to send us a message directly. A great country singer once sang “you gotta know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em,” so hold on to your customers for generations to come with the help of Qless today.