People wait in a queue

In today’s era of instant gratification, very few of us enjoy waiting in line, whether we’re at the DMV, the doctor’s office, the drive-thru, or the grocery store. But lines are everywhere you go, and waiting is a fact of life. Indeed, the New York Times reported that Americans spend over 30 billion hours a year waiting in lines. The lines are such a regular part of daily life, that, since the early 20th century, everyone from psychologists to engineers have studied the effects of waiting in lines and how lines work. We know much more than we need to know about the effects lines have on productivity, attitudes, and customer behavior. At Qless, we grew tired of learning about how lines affect us. We decided to get rid of lines.

Qless has a solution for the long lines that eat at your company or organization’s bottom line. That’s why our state of the art queuing system has saved over 5,700 years of wait time for over 100 million customers. With all those lines gone, Qless creates the space for increased efficiency and productivity.

1. Qless Can Help Reduce Walkaways

Every walkaway isn’t just a lost sale today, it’s very likely a lost relationship with a customer.

Reducing walkaways is an extremely important byproduct of the effectiveness of our queuing system. Losing a customer can be worse than not having enough customers, since it can negatively affect people’s perception of your business.

The Qless queuing system can help your company avoid that pitfall. By using the app on their phones, customers don’t have to wait in line while your representatives deal with the customers ahead of them. This solution is convenient for you and your customers. Your staff won’t feel the pressure of getting to the next customer, and the customer won’t feel like you are wasting their time.


A customer receives service

2. We Can Eliminate Long Lines

Do you remember taking a number and then sitting down to wait, looking at your watch and counting out two minutes until a number was called? Do you remember the mind-numbing feeling of hearing the number eighty-five called and then looking down to see that you are holding one-hundred and twenty? We remember it. That’s why we’ve created the Qless queuing system.

Even if a long line doesn’t lead to walkaways at your business, it may have negative results on your customers and employees. Long lines can have a negative effect on your customers’ mood, inducing boredom, stress, impatience, and anger. And a long queue of irritable customers isn’t good for employee morale either.

By using Qless’ queuing system, you will never have to worry about giving off that impression, whether you’re serving students signing up for classes, shoppers buying clothes, or drivers renewing their licenses.

3. We Can Help You Boost Staff Productivity and Efficiency

Reducing wait time and eliminating long lines for customers is a primary benefit of going queueless, but these reductions will positively affect your staff too. Employees that spend much of their time with frustrated customers lose focus and typically experience a drop in productivity. If nothing is done to change the culture of frustration, employees will leave, resulting in increased training costs coming out of your business’s bottom line. However, with Qless’s queuing system, needless frustration is alleviated, producing satisfied customers and more focused employees. With long lines gone and wait time reduced, your employees can get to work, completing tasks efficiently and serving customers quickly.

4. We Can Help You Enhance Customer Engagement

Qless’s queuing system raises employee engagement with customers. With the stress and distraction of a long line of customers gone, employees can focus on the customer in front of them. Customer’s that receive excellent service are return customers. Remember, you’re not just servicing a customer today, you are building and sustaining a regular clientele. That’s why implementing a bi-directional system of communication between staff and customers is so important. With Qless’s enhancements to customer communication, you can expect a 20% reduction of no-shows. And with a built-in survey feature, Qless collects and collates customer feedback for your business. This service provides data to identify how you to improve your workflow and highlight needed points of improvement to customer services.

5. We Can Help Reduce Customer Complaints and Improving Reputation

In business, reputation is everything. And as much as it can be frustrating that a long line can ruin a company’s reputation, all it takes is one instance of negative publicity to sour customers to your business. Many people that see a Yelp review with the dreaded words, “long lines,” will decide that your business isn’t for them.

This is why Qless’ queuing system is the perfect fit for companies that want to put up a good defense against negative publicity. Some people maintain that you can never please everyone, but customers that use Qless systems report 100% improvement in their satisfaction levels.

6. We Can Help Get You Valuable, Concrete Data

Qless can provide data for your company, free of negative perceptions brought on by human error and stress. Did it feel like you had a lot of clients on a given day? Or did it feel like hardly any customers showed up? Qless’ queuing system can tell you. Our system tracks all the customers who used your business’ queuing app, so by the end of the day, it has a complete record of who has been to your business.

Before your business receives another review complaining of long lines, consider how our Qless system can benefit your company. Qless eliminates the hassle. Get started with Qless today.