A row of empty chairs in a waiting room

DMV wait times can often cause frustration for DMV managers, staff, and customers. With a queue management system app for the DMV, wait times can be reduced while customer satisfaction is improved. 

Less Wait, Wait Anywhere

The Qless app for DMV reduces wait times because it optimizes customer flow. Customers can join the virtual queue from the comfort of their home using the app or the DMV website, or they can join at the DMV using an onsite kiosk. Wherever they join, they’ll start receiving accurately forecasted wait time updates on their cell phone. This lets them know when they need to head to the DMV building and what service desk to approach. Let’s say a customer is on their way to DMV but they hit unexpected traffic. They can easily request more time through the app and they’ll be pushed back slightly in the queue. Other customers who are waiting can then skip ahead and keep the customer flow moving.

Appointment Booking

Since the pandemic, many DMVs have also started accepting appointments for routine services. The Qless app also provides simple appointment scheduling through the app or the website. The FlexAppointment technology seamlessly integrates people who have a scheduled appointment with those who walk in for service. The app fills gaps in the schedule and automatically reduces DMV wait times, creating happy customers and less frustrated staff.

Real-Time Dashboard

DMV staff love the real-time dashboard that helps them manage customers. They’ll be able to see who is waiting in the virtual queue, who has an upcoming appointment, and what services customers will need. Through the app, staff can send personalized notifications to customers about forms they need to fill out, delays in the schedule, or anything that can help improve customer flow.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

When implementing a new system in a business, you’ll need a way to accurately gauge how effective it is. The Qless app gives DMVs the convenient option to send satisfaction surveys straight to customers through a text message after their transaction is complete. This delivery method gives managers a high rate of return. DMV staff can use this information to improve processes and create employee incentive programs.

With all the perks of the Qless app for reducing DMV wait times, it’s easy to see why so many DMVs have chosen to implement this system. Contact us today to learn about others’ success stories and to schedule your own personalized business demo!