A busy store packed with shoppers

Think about some of the busiest times of the year for retail business. Black Friday, holidays, blowout and clearance sales, back to school, and other special events draw some of the biggest crowds stores ever see. Some stores draw long lines no matter what time of year it is, like cell phone companies and big-box retailers. Customers dread the long shopping queues and often wish they could continue to shop until they can easily check out. As a business owner, wouldn’t you love the extra chance to let them continue to shop?

Dispersing Lines & Upselling   

We’re all used to the old, standard method of waiting in a physical shopping queue to pay for our goods. While in line, we stare at the gum, mints, chocolate, and other last-minute upsell items that are placed near the checkout counters. We might even remember an item we forgot to grab and get out of line to run back for it, only to start the queue over from the beginning again. This clunky old system doesn’t allow for any flexibility and causes customer frustration.

With the Qless system, customers can join a virtual shopping queue anytime using an app — from before they step foot through the door until they are done shopping. They get instant alerts about their wait time and place in line as they wait for their turn at the checkout desk. During their wait, they are free to move about the store and continue to shop and browse for items. This gives your company a huge opportunity to upsell any products in the store, not just small candy bars near the registers. Customers increase their satisfaction by keeping themselves occupied, and you gain more profits!

Recording Customer Satisfaction Rates    

When you introduce a new business process, it’s important to make sure it’s working. The Qless shopping queue management system easily lets you record data and analytics that can be downloaded as easy-to-read graphs and reports. You can also opt to send your customers satisfaction surveys immediately after they have completed their service with your business. These surveys are sent straight to their cell phones and give you a high rate of return. You’ll be able to view their feedback and adjust your services accordingly. You can even use the data to create more customized promotions that are tailored specifically to your customer base. 

When the busy times hit, Qless can help keep your employees calm and collected, while encouraging your customers to continue to shop around. They won’t even feel like they’re waiting in line. The Qless system will immediately boost your customers’ satisfaction and help draw in new business. Contact us today to request a free demo. We’ll be happy to tell you about how the Qless system has been a success story for other businesses in your industry.