Reduce Waiting Time in Service Operations Management

If you work in operations or service management, you are constantly looking for ways to streamline performance.

An often overlooked area is reducing waiting time in operations management.

Yet, wait times are often one of the biggest customer complaints.

According to one survey, 94% of those polled think that a 5-10 minute wait would be reasonable, but that doesn’t mean customers like it or enjoy waiting. 48% of customers think your business is poorly run, and 52% will shop elsewhere. One bad experience can potentially turn a customer away from your business forever.


Service Operations Management Reduce Waiting Times


Eliminate Long Lines With a Virtual Queue

Even if wait times seem reasonable, long lines give the appearance of a long wait. QLess provides a virtual queue system that eliminates long lines and reduces wait times. A cloud-based queue management system is a proven way to reduce waiting time in operations management, resulting in a 97% reduction in wait time and a 75% reduction in walkaways.

With a system like QLess, your customers can join the queue virtually from anywhere and get real-time updates on their wait time. The system will send them an alert when it’s their turn and time to head to your location. When customers can wait where they want, they become happier customers. Satisfied customers and streamlined operations can allow your business to thrive.

Enhance Communication and Customer Service

Customers today have many options and expect first-rate customer support. If you are looking to improve waiting time in operations management, enhancing the ways customers communicate with you is essential. QLess enables bi-directional communications allowing people to interact with staff in real-time.

If the wait time is less than expected, the team can send an alert or SMS letting the customer know their time is coming up. If the customer is running late, they can alert staff, who can then adjust the queue so that the customer doesn’t lose their place. Giving both customers and staff the ability to communicate with each other reduces customer support complaints and streamlines operations.

​​People working in an operations center

Improve Staff Productivity and Satisfaction

Those in operations management are continuously searching for new ways to increase staff productivity. QLess allows management to optimize appointment scheduling resources based on current workloads and appointments. The ability to increase predictability helps better manage waiting time in operations management.

QLess lets you create custom fields for each of your locations, gives you increased visibility of all appointments at all locations, and provides tools for better load balancing and resource optimization. QLess handles much of the work staff completes manually, freeing them up to do their jobs more effectively. In the end, employees are happier and have better job satisfaction.

Measure Customer Engagement to Streamline Operations

To properly reduce waiting time in operations management, managers need access to real-time data to streamline operations. QLess provides rich reporting features and customizable dashboards that enable managers to visualize customer engagement patterns and make quick decisions to improve workflow.

For example, you can create a comprehensive, end-to-end view of your operations that gives you a finger on the pulse of day-to-day activity and make adjustments on the fly, as needed.

Possible metrics to analyze, include:

  • Current number of customers
  • Current forecasted wait time
  • Average actual wait time
  • Number of customers served
  • No show percentages
  • Employee utilization
  • Transaction time

You can also send surveys to customers after their appointment to gain additional insight on their visit as this data is critical for smoother operations. Reducing waiting time in operations management can be easily attained using the QLess queue management system.

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