Retail Customer Experience with Queue Software

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The average shopper spends a dollar a minute in a brick and mortar store. While they wait in line to pay, those extra dollars are lost as customers exit your store and sometimes even walk away with unpaid items that go back on the shelves due to overly long waits. This is not a good situation. You lose both money and future business.

Virtual queues offer a solution for both growing and established businesses. They provide a new way to wow customers and keep them browsing as they wait. QLess is the solution to congested checkouts and it works by keeping your buyers in the store and shopping longer. Here’s why QLess is a proven solution to your staff and customers.

Why QLess?

As more consumers turn to online shopping, it’s become increasingly important to optimize and leverage the in-store retail customer experience. Decrease delays in-store and make sure you meet the high expectations of your consumers. How long do they spend standing around in a checkout line when they could be shopping as they wait in the virtual queue?

  • QLess allows shoppers to enter a virtual line the moment they enter the store and select their desired shopping time in advance
  • A voice or text messaging system cues them to begin making their way into the line-up to check out when the allotted time has passed
  • Patrons may request more time as needed, continuing to extend their shopping time as they browse without losing their place in line

Every dollar counts. Statistics show that more consumers enjoy buying online, but shoppers prefer to make their purchases in store so that they may view items in person. That’s where QLess cuts the wait time and elevates the retail customer experience to the next level.

Better Customer Service

Providing effective customer service when there are droves of people waiting behind the checkout counter is nearly impossible. Queue software helps staff focus on one customer at a time. They can easily handle purchases, returns and other queries without an impatient crowd watching.

  • Shoppers join the virtual queue immediately upon entering the store
  • They choose their shopping time and increase it as needed via an App
  • Text messages notify customers about special deals and upcoming checkout

US businesses lose 130 billion dollars a year due to customer service delays. A queue management platform gives your shoppers a better retail customer experience and helps your staff focus on providing outstanding service to customers in-store.

Expand Your Customer Base

Queue software is still a relatively new solution to an age-old problem, but more and more innovators in retail see the ease of controlling long line ups and endless waits. Expand your customer base just by being a bit ahead of the curve. In a competitive market, you can’t afford to be left behind. Try it out in your flagship location and let your customers spread the word to others.

  • Word of mouth brings you more customers looking for a different and more streamlined experience.
  • Increasing positive reviews on Yelp and positive shares about a new retail customer experience lead to a boost in revenue and even more customers
  • Help draw customers in by being transparent about wait time and show that you value their time

When customers walk into a store they can tell if a business is working proactively to target the next generation of shoppers. They can also sense if things are in a downward spiral. New customers may enter your store based on positive experiences they have heard about from friends and family members. Keep them coming through the door by offering something new.

Enhanced Data Collection and Analytics

Tailoring the retail customer experience means knowing your base. With enhanced data collection and analytics, QLess helps create detailed reports and surveys to help management gain insight on who is walking through their doors.

  • Customer data can be transformed into reports
  • Use reports to inform customer service and marketing
  • Track repeat customers through their phone numbers and analyze their habits
  • Send surveys immediately after the shopping experience

With customers connected to your queue via mobile phone, you can phone or message them while they wait, opening the line of communication.

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SMS Marketing

Queue software doesn’t just cut the line ups. It offers a valuable marketing opportunity for stores – often in real time. When a customer uses the App to enter the virtual line, they get SMS updates about their wait time. But SMS marketing can do more to elevate the retail customer experience:

  • Create customized promotions based on customer data
  • Send targeted ads and deals via SMS while customers shop
  • Tailor promotions with video or slideshow marketing
  • Use surveys to collect and compare customer satisfaction data over time

QLess reports provide valuable insights about your customer base. Combine data collection with SMS marketing strategies that get even more customers in the door. Allow real-time surveys to tailor the experience and provide more information to your management to help meet customer expectations.

Reduce Employee Workload

With queue software, your retail customer experience is about to change – but so is employee workload. Instead of being overwhelmed during peak periods and bored during lulls, queue software helps you identify how many customers are walking through your doors and when. Benefits include:

  • Helping schedule more or less staff based on peak periods
  • Removing the surprise of a rush for your staff
  • Access to real-time data for each queue location
  • Allowing your staff to focus on helping one customer at a time

Management can monitor queues from anywhere in the store, and employee workload is more streamlined. This allows for better retail customer experience and a more open checkout area. Your staff no longer needs to control the chaos of a busy line up. Instead, they will be helping happy customers in the store.

More Shopping, Less Standing

In a traditional line up, customers could be standing to wait in line for ten minutes or longer. Imagine if each of them was able to continue shopping in the store during that time?

Clothes in a mall shop

They may pick up one more item, stop to browse a section they didn’t notice before and delay leaving the store the moment a long line appears.

  • Eliminating a line up frees up additional display area for items near the checkout
  • Keep the estimated 24% of customers abandon their purchases when they see a long line
  • Allow customers to continue shopping the entire time they are in your store

QLess technology ensures that all customers complete their purchases and aren’t deterred by long line ups. A retail customer experience that functions well is one that seeks to eliminate any delay.

Flexible and Easy

Establishing mobile queuing in your store doesn’t mean completely overhauling your current system all at once. Our expert staff knows that you need more than a one-size-fits-all approach to implementing a QLess solution. Here are just a few ways our staff can help you choose to approach your solution:

  • Pilot our App at one location and expand when you are confident that it works for you
  • Establish two line ups side by side – one reserved for VIP customers who choose to use the QLess system and the other as your traditional line-up
  • Use a kiosk at the front door to allow customers to sign in without mobile technology

We’ve collaborated with a variety of establishments to implement solutions that work and really impact the retail customer experience in a positive way. With low maintenance cloud-based software, you likely already have everything you need to get started.


If your business relies on appointments to tailor the shopping experience, FlexAppointments could be another benefit to your queue software solution. Imagine an appointment that updates on its own so that late arrivals are automatically pushed back to an open spot in the queue. FlexAppointments solves existing problems including no-shows and walkaways.

  • Save paper and staff energy by allowing FlexAppointments to make the schedule for you
  • Seamlessly integrate walk-in customers with advanced appointments
  • Allow customers to request more time if they are running late

In retail industries that use advance scheduling of appointments to try on high-end clothing, test drive a car or view a popular new release, FlexAppointments brings a new dimension to the retail customer experience.

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QLess management software is quickly becoming the future of the retail industry. Provide freedom to your loyal customers and help your staff deliver the service customers expect. Our success stories are true examples of retail establishments nationwide who will never to return to the old way of queueing.

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