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Following the top retail trends of 2021 is essential for your business to continue to flourish. The latest trends are geared toward pleasing the customer. Retail technology trends are especially vital to satisfy your customers and preserve your bottom line. Take a look at the latest developments to find out which ones will work for your store.

Lining up to Ditch Lines

One of the most pleasing retail trends of 2021 is sure to delight every shopper: the eradication of lines. If the pandemic has taught retailers one thing, it’s that lines are not only inconvenient, they’re dangerous. As stores reopen across the country, retailers are happy to see customers in the aisles again. However, they also recognize that social distancing is still essential. Many stores are coming to rely on queue management software. Whether you own a grocery store or a souvenir shop, you can use the QLess queue management app to let your customers choose when they check out. They don’t have to waste time standing in line when they can simply choose a time for checking out that’s convenient for them.

Shopping Socially

Another trend in retail technology is social commerce. Online shopping unsurprisingly boomed during quarantine. Many people are still ordering items online that they previously bought in stores. They prefer the convenience and safety of making purchases over the Internet. Realizing that, retailers have turned to social commerce, offering shoppers a convenient shopping experience over their favorite social media platforms. They avoid third-party sites in favor of offering their wares directly on social media, such as Facebook or TikTok.

Speedy Delivery

Quarantine has also made shoppers appreciate the allure of fast shipping. At a time when it’s possible to receive items the same day you order them or the next day, people want more of it. While Amazon has long had a stronghold on speedy shipping, it’s an ubiquitous retail trend in 2021. More and more retailers are looking into ways to offer expedited shipping without charging their customers more or increasing their overhead.

In-Store Analytics

In-store analytics is another piece of retail trend technology that’s worth your attention. QLess can help with that. With in-store shopping still on shaky ground, retailers want to know what their customers are doing. Are they making it to checkout? If not, why not? Studying the metrics you receive when you use QLess queue management software will allow you to determine your customers’ pain points so that you can improve your customer service and sales protocols.

Which retail trends of 2021 interest you the most? If you think QLess can help you, request a demo to try it out, or get in touch with any further questions.