Black Friday has a lot of appeal to millions of people around the U.S. not just because of the great deals, but also because it gets them in the holiday spirit. For some families, it kicks off their holiday festivities to get started on the first official day of Christmas shopping. However, that giddy feeling of waking up early or staying up really late to get a cheap TV is often washed away by the look of the line to check out.
Brick-and-mortar retailers are continually feeling the effect of online retail giants like Amazon gaining ground on their holiday shopping turf. Nearly half of U.S. consumers say they plan to shop online this holiday season, up from about a third last year, according to a recent survey from consulting firm Deloitte.
A recent article from the Wall Street Journal describes the frustration of waiting in line during the holiday season and the struggle to find the “right” checkout line.

“Shoppers tend to become impatient quickly and fail to take into account key indicators of what may slow down a line. They experience remorse when they feel they’ve chosen the wrong (i.e. slower) line. And they prefer to choose their own line rather than wait in a single-file line for the next available register — even though that setup has proven to be faster, research on queuing shows.”

Retailers know that they can lose customers from long, intimidating lines, and yet they still don’t get it. Instead of investing in a sophisticated queue management system, they try other gimmicks. Disney employees try to entertain customers while they wait in line, and Home Depot clerks stand in front of their register to alert customers of open checkout lanes. This may help temporarily, but it doesn’t solve the guests’ real problem of wasting time standing in line.
Imagine going to a Target, registering your name and cell phone number at a kiosk, checking in when ready to make your purchases, then receiving a text message on your cell phone when it’s your turn. During your wait, you continue to shop or grab a latte at the in-store Starbucks. Ultimately, both parties win. Not wasting your time standing in a crowded line allows for both happy customers and the potential for additional purchases to be made while waiting.
The scenario I just described is possible with Qless, a revolutionary SMS queue management system. What are YOU waiting for? Improve your customers’ holiday shopping experience next year by implementing our cutting-edge queue management system.