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Offering a good customer experience is vital for guiding customers through all stages of the sales funnel. Using an efficient scheduling system at every customer touchpoint helps your business execute customer-focused sales tactics and provide exemplary customer service. For example, think about each interaction customers have at your retail store or office. How did the sales or front office stage communicate with them? Were their questions or concerns answered promptly? Did they have to wait in line to purchase their selections or connect with a customer service agent? All of these scenarios present the opportunity to provide either a good customer experience or a negative one. In this article, we’ll review six ways to use queue management to make sure your business comes out on top!

Provide a Good Customer Experience with QLess

QLess improves scheduling through its queue management software and customer feedback platform. QLess is accessed via a convenient mobile app, in-store kiosk, or website and allows customers to join a virtual queue when they are ready to check out or want to interact with a sales associate. As a result, QLess can be used at every stage of the customer journey to boost satisfaction and eliminate long lines and wait times.

Six Ways Efficient Scheduling & Queue Management Can Help Business

1. One of the easiest ways to provide a good customer experience is to eliminate waiting lines. When you deploy a queue management system such as QLess, wait times can be reduced up to 97%, making them virtually non-existent.

2. A queue management system will stop customers from abandoning their shopping carts due to perceived wait times. With QLess, retail clients report a reduction in walkaways of up to 75%.

3. Efficient scheduling is also crucial for your staff. QLess helps managers optimize floor staff productivity throughout the day.

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4. Queue management and bi-directional communication shows customers you value their time. As a result, QLess businesses report a 100% improvement in online reviews and in-store comments for offering a good customer experience.

5. Queue management also offers valuable business intelligence through customizable data reports. QLess offers in-depth details and real-time analytics to help make short and long-term business decisions and survey tools to help you gather real-time feedback into what is working well and what needs improvement.

6. By offering convenient communication through SMS, phone calls, or emails, customers are reminded of their position in the queue and can easily adjust to meet their needs. As a result of this attentive communication style, cancellations and no-show rates are regularly cut by 20%.

Create a Good Customer Experience with QLess

Smart business owners and managers know that providing a good customer experience is necessary for success. Efficient scheduling can help to keep your sales funnel flowing and develop strong customer loyalty. If you’ve decided it’s time to improve your business’ queue management and online appointment scheduling processes, contact QLess today for a product demo