The COVID-19 pandemic has been especially tough for students and teachers. In the beginning, virtual learning was a radical change that happened very quickly. And as schools reopen, we continue to see social distancing within classrooms in certain areas. But how will higher education help students social distance when they need to wait in line for textbooks or get help with financial aid and admissions? Qless software is the perfect answer for social distancing on campus in many different situations.  

Disperse Student Lines

As students first enter college and as others continue their education with a new semester, long lines are numerous. Students need to complete the admissions process, sign up for financial aid, buy books and supplies, use books and computers at the library, and get food from campus restaurants. Slapping six-foot spacing stickers on floors everywhere is not ideal. 

With Qless queue management software, faculty, staff, and retail businesses on campus can all let students join virtual lines. The benefit to this is that students can wait anywhere for service. When it’s their turn, they get an alert on their cell phone that directs them to the proper place. Students waiting for education services can easily social distance themselves, and can even get some studying in while they wait.

Let Them Book Appointments Online  

All students should see an advisor to take advantage of the services the college or university has to offer. Advisors help keep students on track to finish their degree on time. They may also want to meet with other staff and faculty to get the most out of their education. You can help social distance students by offering them Qless appointment scheduling on the college website or app. There’s no need to schedule a meeting in person or over the phone. Qless also helps students keep their appointments by automatically sending confirmations and reminders straight to their cell phones. While students wait for their appointments, Qless promotes social distancing on campus for a healthier environment.

Reopen Campus Doors for Students 

While some students do well with distance learning, others prefer education in a social environment. Everybody learns differently, and in-person classes are the best environment for certain people. Getting our higher education facilities back up and running safely is imperative to providing the best future for our children. Implementing new technology like Qless queue management and appointment scheduling software will help colleges promote healthy social distancing on campus so they can keep their doors open throughout these uncertain times.

Qless software has a hugely successful track record with many colleges and universities. It’s software, not hardware, so it’s simple to get up and running throughout complex facilities. Read our success stories to see how others have improved their services with Qless. Contact us today to learn more about the features and benefits, and to request a free business demo.