woman shopping in a clothing store

Social distancing lines aren’t going anywhere in a post-COVID world. It will take time before businesses can carry on the way they did before the pandemic. Savvy retailers have already prioritized the development of new guidelines for social distancing to ensure that their customers and employees are as safe as possible. Fortunately, there are several solutions available for your store. Technology helps, especially when it comes to dispersing lines and crowding.

Closing Down Every Other Register

Social distancing lines has been a major challenge for retail stores, from grocery stores to clothing boutiques to stationery shops. One way to keep things safe post-COVID-19 is to close down every other register. Along with placing stickers on the floors and signs advising visitors to remain six feet apart, only opening every other line will allow both customers and employees to remain safe and socially distanced from one another.

Incorporate Queue Technology

As they create guidelines for social distancing, many stores are turning to technology. Specifically, queue management technology is a helpful way to ensure the safety of workers and visitors. QLess allows customers to log in and claim a spot in a virtual queue. They can continue shopping or sit by themselves while waiting for their turn. Our software even allows two-way communication, so retail staff can let customers know if they need more time before being free to serve them. If customers want more time to shop, they can also notify store personnel through the app, who can then simply move those customers further down the line. They won’t lose their spot, and they won’t have to check out until they’re ready and able to do it safely.

Open Additional Registers

Another way to ensure that your store gets to welcome as many customers as possible without sacrificing safety measures is to open more registers. The key is to make sure that they’re still safely distanced from one another, which helps make sure that no one gets too close while waiting to check out and purchase their items. Some stores choose to open up their customer service counters and transform them into additional social distancing lines. Others create lines and open registers in other parts of the store.

Checking out Customers in Line

In a similar vein, plenty of stores have turned to another type of technology. In creating guidelines for social distancing, they utilize portable POS devices, which allow cashiers to approach people waiting in socially distanced lines. Rather than checking out at the counter, people can be taken care of as they stand in line. Employees can wear masks as they work with customers to help them buy what they need without unnecessary risk.

QLess can help you introduce social distancing lines in your store. Give people a choice for their checkout times. Erase the idea of lines entirely, or simply set up the store in a way that’s safe and socially distanced. Contact us today to learn more or request a demo!