While some businesses have been forced to close their doors during the COVID-19 quarantine, essential businesses have been allowed to proceed with caution. New social distancing measures are in place that require six feet of distance between customers, masks to be worn in public, the implementation of plexiglass screens, and no more than a certain amount of people allowed in each store. People feel safest when they are given options to limit human interaction, like curbside pick-up services, waiting for healthcare visits from their vehicles, and hands-off food deliveries. QLess technology makes it easy for you to implement your own social distancing measures that will boost your business. 

An Essential Business Boost for Your Line Management

The QLess line management app is perfect for easy implementation in a world where people need to distance themselves from one another. Here’s how it works. Customers can join a virtual queue using the app or your company’s website from wherever they are. Once in the queue, alerts are sent directly to their cell phone. The notifications let them know their place in line and how long the approximate wait time is. As they move up in the queue, they are updated and even asked if they need a little more time. When it is their turn for service, the app directs them to the correct location or service desk. Your employees can also send direct messages to customers if needed. The system effectively reduces customer wait times and helps your employees manage individual customers.

Set-Up is Quick and Efficient

No hardware is needed to implement the QLess system. The software works with all major web browsers and connects directly to your customers’ cell phones via the app. Your employees receive virtual training that can be easily completed and understood in two hours. They also have access to a real-time dashboard where they can manage customers and their needs. QLess will boost your business and impress both your employees and customers. With access to full reports and graphs about your business metrics, transaction types and times, and satisfaction surveys, you can gauge how well the system is working and where improvements can be made in your business operations.  

Disbursement of Lines and Customer Wait Times


Because notifications are sent to their cell phones, customers have the unique option to wait in a safe setting such as their car. QLess cuts out lines that risk social distancing and reduces customer wait times, increasing efficiency. During this time of pandemic, and even when social distancing measures are lifted and things begin to return to normal, the QLess system will boost your business efficiency and customer experience. Industries like grocery stores, restaurants, hardware stores, banks, healthcare clinics and hospitals, logistics companies, and more can benefit from the QLess line management and appointment scheduling system.  

Get started today to boost your business and provide your customers with a safer option that cuts back on wait times and helps them stay healthy. Contact our QLess representatives to request a free business demonstration. Our team members can answer all of your questions about how the system works and inform you how to start the process of implementing our system.