Ways College Admission Teams Can Enhance Student Recruitment Plans

Whether you’re leading an admissions team at a large public university or a small, private college, student recruitment keeps the doors of higher education institutions open. From high school students looking for a traditional on-campus college experience to adult students looking to attain new skills or complete a previously started degree, developing student recruitment strategies to help connect prospective students to your institution is vital. 

Take Your Student Recruitment to the Next Level with QLess

QLess is a queue management system designed to support your school’s admissions and student services offices (financial aid, career and advising services, faculty office hours). QLess easily integrates into a school’s website, can be accessed through a mobile app, and allows students to join a virtual queue when they have questions or need to schedule an online or in-person meeting.

Two women discuss a college student application.

Here are our top four ways to use queue management to improve student recruitment strategies:

  1. Invest in technology that supports student recruitment

Schools must make it easy for students and parents to connect with admissions staff and student services staff at all stages of the college admission journey. On-demand virtual scheduling helps maximize the number of appointments counselors and staff can have throughout the day and reduces canceled appointments and “no-shows.”

  1. Make exceptional customer service the norm

Providing outstanding customer service can be challenging when offices are chained to outdated communication systems. Accidentally deleted voicemails and emails become a thing of the past when cloud-based communication and messaging are used. The special sauce for any student recruitment strategy is cutting response time from days to hours (or even minutes!), which can make a difference in where a student enrolls.

  1. Create memorable student recruitment events

Special events such as campus open houses, academic information sessions, and financial aid presentations are essential for a student recruitment strategy. In addition, well-organized events, both in-person and online, need to provide effective, two-way communication between prospective students and their families with college admission officers.

A college admissions officer shakes a student’s hand.

  1. Understand the nontraditional student’s needs

For many international, continuing, and nontraditional adult students, it can be challenging to allocate time to attend an on-campus admissions event. Be sure to provide a range of choices and options that are inclusive to all kinds of students when it comes to creating student recruitment events and plans. Scheduling virtual appointments or short meetings outside of campus can make a difference to a prospective, nontraditional student.

Make Student Recruitment Targeted and Effective

QLess’s virtual scheduling platform helps schools streamline appointment scheduling, resulting in more effective and targeted admission outreach. The QLess platform seamlessly integrates with your institution’s website without the need for expensive technical support. If you’re looking to improve your institution’s student recruitment strategy for the upcoming years, contact QLess for a product demo. You’ll be amazed by what queue management software can do to help you reach enrollment and retention goals.