Colleges are mostly about students. And it turns out the best way to get students to rave about their college is to use Qless to liberate them from waiting in line. Qless was mentioned in 22% of the Yelp reviews 3-stars and above about WLAC since Qless was deployed. Just read what Aiden Y. of Irvine, CA wrote in his 4-star review :“Facilities – I loved the waiting line system at the administration building as I can simply come when it is my turn. I dont know if many colleges have that. “

Then there was Jennifer H. of Rosemead, CA, who wrote:

“Damn… Find that kiosk machine at the student service building when you’re seeing the admission records/business/financial aid service, enter your name or number and wait for update on the big screen t.v or on your phone. So hi-tech and I’m so glad!”