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An increasing number of businesses recognize that online appointment scheduling software is the preferred wave of the future. Each up-and-coming generation is disenchanted with phone calls. They don’t enjoy making them, they don’t like receiving them, and they’d rather just get a text. The convenience factor of booking an appointment online is unbeatable. It’s something that can be done on a smartphone or a tablet while standing in line for something else.

On that subject, everyone hates long queues. Qless offers a springboard to catapult government agencies into the modern era. Change is imperative to keep up with the times. Currently, digital appointment booking and virtual queues are what the people want. Given the reputation shared by most government facilities regarding how long people have to wait and how long it takes to complete an appointment, a little efficiency boost may be just the thing to change your community’s view of your office.

More Freedom for Citizens


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From the point of view of the citizens and customers walking through the door of a government office, freedom is one of the top benefits of using online appointment scheduling software. Being able to book an appointment at a government agency in the first place is enough to please many members of the community. It’s not a possibility at every agency. Walking in is the only option, meaning that a visitor never knows how long it will take to see an employee.

Scheduling an appointment online is a time-saver. It doesn’t matter that someone can’t call the office during working hours. Instead, they can schedule their appointment during their morning commute, their lunch hour, or late at night when they can’t sleep.

In addition to the ease of booking online, scheduling software has another advantage for citizens. They’re free to change or cancel their appointments at any time. Going a step beyond, they can also alert government offices through text, email, or a voice call that they’re going to be late. That way, they don’t lose their place in line. They’re simply moved to the next available slot that fits with their updated schedule.

Easy Communication Options

Government agents can effortlessly communicate with citizens too, and it’s appreciated. No one loves walking into an appointment only to find that the entire office is backed up and behind schedule. That’s why people get irate. Qless appointment booking software eradicates the issue. Employees can send out text and email notifications informing citizens that they have extra time before their appointment due to unforeseen circumstances or a busy morning. Letting people know that the schedule is behind before they show up is a helpful feature with a positive impact.

A Place for Everyone

Using online appointment scheduling software doesn’t mean that walk-ins and people without appointments are out of luck. The system is capable of accommodating everyone without sending the office into turmoil or taking employees away from appointed tasks.

The Qless platform provides real-time updates of open time slots. When someone walks in and needs help, the system places them in the first available block that doesn’t belong to someone with an appointment. People who arrive late without notifying anyone can still be seen as well, but priority goes to appointment-holders who keep to the schedule.

Better Utilization of Employee Skills

Government employees aren’t peacekeepers, unless that’s genuinely their job description. They aren’t moderators. Although customer service is an essential aspect of their daily duties, they are not part of the complaint department. In other words, employees’ skills are wasted when they have to spend valuable time apologizing for long wait times and missed appointments. In the time it takes to soothe the understandably ruffled feathers of a frustrated citizen, an agent could easily accomplish what the citizen needs in the first place. Reducing the risk of lengthy waits and messed up schedules will take a load off the shoulders of agents who would rather be actively serving the community.

Maximization of Working Hours

Online appointment scheduling software reduces gaps throughout the work day. In between scheduled appointments, scheduling software neatly slots in all the folks who walk in without a reservation. During moments of downtime, employees can check the schedule to learn details about incoming visitors, allowing them to prepare for each appointment. A prepared employee is better equipped to handle customers efficiently.

Effortless Organization

The schedule keeps offices organized. It won’t bump someone with an appointment, nor will it allow anyone to double-book. Yes, time can still run away, and schedules may fall behind. However, the scheduling system will adjust, shift, and accommodate changes automatically, all while still giving priority to visitors who reserve ahead of time.

Analytical Information about Citizens

The online appointment scheduling software from Qless can track behaviors too. Study the demographics that make appointments. Find out how to reach the people who don’t take advantage of the option. You can even figure out who visits your government agency regularly, as well as who responds to text versus which citizens prefer email notifications.Introducing online appointment scheduling software into the government office where you work can make a significant difference in workflow, shifting the dynamics between agent and citizen, opening up communication, and providing transparency. Prioritizing appointment times and eliminating long waits will reveal to the community that you respect the opinions of the citizens you serve and recognize that their time is valuable. Knowing that they have the freedom to book or alter an appointment no matter where they are or what time it is pleases customers as well. Once you see increases in morale and productivity, you’ll realize that stepping into the digital age is beneficial to everyone.