5 Reasons Why QLess Offers The Best Appointment Scheduling App

QLess best appointment scheduling app

Whether your business runs solely on appointments or you have a combination of booked appointments and walk-in customers, the QLess appointment scheduling app has an array of customizable features that can best accommodate your particular industry. From major industries like healthcaregovernment officeslogisticsDMVs, and higher education, to smaller operations like beauty salons and shooting galleries, QLess has the technology to handle it all. Our powerful software combines the use of your customers’ cell phones to create a modern system that is easy to use and increases efficiency.


Ease of Use For Customers

When you’re looking for the best appointment scheduling app for your company, ease of use for your customers has to be a top priority. If customers become frustrated and can’t easily book their appointments, they will likely turn to your competitors for their services. To effectively upgrade your company’s appointment scheduling system, you need to be sure your new software can be used through a computer or a mobile device, either on your company’s website or through Android and iPhone apps.

QLess provides your company with software that does just that. We brand our system with your company’s name and logos so that customers can confidently book their appointments online or using an app. As you adjust your settings and preferences, customers can easily pick times and dates on the upcoming schedule. There’s no need for customers to ever call in and speak to a receptionist about making an appointment, though should customers still want to do this, your staff can make manual adjustments to the schedule as needed. 

Automated Confirmations & Reminders

get automated mobile reminders with QLess' best appointment app

In this day and age, your customers expect a level of automation with their appointments. They want appointment reminders that help keep them on track for attending their commitments. One of the best features of the QLess appointment scheduling app is its automated confirmations and reminders. Your staff no longer has to take time out of their busy schedule to manually call and email customers to confirm their appointments. With less scheduling hassle, they can focus more of their time on serving customers in person and fulfilling other needed office tasks.

The QLess system goes beyond clunky calls by sending text messages and email notifications directly to customers’ cell phones. Customers can easily respond with a text to confirm. This is one of the best ways to communicate with the current generations–through an appointment scheduling app. You’ll receive a higher response rate, and customers will be much more likely to be on time and not miss appointments due to lack of communication.  

FlexAppointment Technology

When your business includes scheduled appointments and walk-ins, FlexAppointment technology is a built-in feature of QLess’ appointment scheduling app that allows you to seamlessly integrate both types of customers. FlexAppointments automatically fills gaps from cancelled appointments with walk-in customers. This condenses your schedule and makes the best use of your employees’ time. All customers are placed into a virtual queue together, but the ones who have a scheduled appointment will receive priority at that time. 

As your customers’ appointment approaches, they receive communications to remind them. They are also asked if they need additional time for any reason; for instance, if they are running late. If they do require extra time, the QLess system will push them back in the queue, allowing for an optimized customer flow. Your staff can also send direct communications to customers to notify them of office delays or other issues. 

No Need For a Waiting Room

empty waiting rooms with the best appointment scheduling app

As a customer yourself, you have probably experienced situations when you have booked an appointment but are still made to wait in a waiting room for extended periods. You were conscientious enough to make an appointment, so why do you still need to wait in a crowded room? The QLess appointment scheduling app offers the best solution to this problem: giving the customer the option to wait anywhere they want to. While waiting in the virtual queue for their scheduled meeting or walk-in service, customers are free to roam as they receive timely updates on their cell phones.

There’s no more need to stay glued to a lounge room waiting for your name to be called. Customers are completely free to wait in their vehicle, wait outside the building, visit local businesses, grab some lunch, or run other errands. When you give customers the power to wait anywhere, their satisfaction goes through the roof. 

Powerful Analytics

get powerful analytics with our best appointment scheduling app

When you implement a new system like an appointment scheduling app, the best way to tell if it is working is to analyze the data. The QLess system collects information like personal customer data, transaction types and times, walk-ins, walk-outs, no-shows, customer habits, and other important metrics that help you improve efficiency and business processes. You also have the option to send customers satisfaction surveys immediately after their service has been completed. You can use this feedback to gauge how effective the system is and find areas to make improvements. You and your staff have access to this downloadable data at any time in the form of easy-to-read graphs and reports.

If your business makes appointments, the QLess appointment scheduling app is the best solution to upgrade your processes with modern day technology. The system requires no hardware and is easy to get set up and running. Our team of experts gives you lasting support throughout the entire process and as you continue to use our product. Contact us today to request a business demo and to learn more about the extensive features and benefits of the best appointment scheduling app available!