Queue App Revolution Webinar Using a Customer Check In System

One thing we can all agree should be a non-partisan issue is that citizens should be comfortable reaching out to their representatives. Unfortunately, many of the infrastructures that government offices have in place don’t always make this particularly easy or convenient for modern constituents. You might not have considered the advantages of a queue app for solving this problem, but you’ll be sure to find many of them when you sign up for our webinar on cloud-based solutions for government systems.

“Prior to the adoption of Qless, it was not uncommon to have 100-200 people lining up outside waiting… We have seen a huge reduction: now on our busiest days, we may have 300-400 in line but we only have 50-60 people actually in the building. This takes a lot of stress off the front-line staff, and our citizens can manage their day so much better.”
Joe Lewis, Motor Vehicle Manager at the Johnson County Department of Motor Vehicles

This talk from Qless includes insights from none other than Christopher Summers, Business Analyst and Technical Lead for the City of Austin. You’ll get three big takeaways from this webinar:

  1. What “the cloud” really means: an explanation of what cloud computing is and, just as importantly, what it isn’t.
  2. Benefits and risks of cloud-based solutions: ways that our queue app among others can make your life easier, as well as some of the headaches that can come with such big system changes.
  3. How to smoothly implement the cloud to improve operations: ways to make those aforementioned potential headaches a nonissue and get your customer check in system up and running to increase efficiency.

You don’t have to take our word for it that Qless makes a great fit for government offices. Our happy clients include the Tennessee DHS, the office of Secretary of State for the state of Michigan, and the city of Spokane. Fill out the form below and find out for yourself what makes our queue app the ultimate solution for state and federal operations.