Fall semester 2017 is around the corner, and as a college student it would be reassuring to know that I don’t have to spend hours and hours waiting in endless lines during my first week back to campus. I started as an intern for Qless this summer, and the experience has provided an eye-opening look into how lines should be managed on campuses across the United States. Having been in college for a few years the amount of hours I have spent on campus compared to the amount of hours I have spent in lines on campus is not a satisfying ratio. With a solution like Qless deployed the time spent in campus lines would be diminished to a mere fraction of the current average time wasted.

Anyone who has been to college knows that a busy schedule is the name of the game. Balancing time is one of the hardest adjustments when moving to this next level of academics. Furthermore, campus lines are abundant as well as unpredictable, so saving even 10 minutes from waiting in line could  be crucial when it comes to the craziness of rushing to finish an assignment or fitting in a quick nap.

College Campus Bookstore Line.png

From personal experience, lines are regularly long at campus amenities such as the bookstore and the Registrar’s Office. These lines are even worse at the beginning and end of a semester at my smaller college, and I could not imagine the hours of waiting that would occur at larger universities.

A student’s time – like any person’s – is valuable. It would be more helpful than if I could save time by waiting remotely through my mobile phone instead of standing around for countless hours.