One of the key issues in US elections today is the mechanics of voting. It’s a hot topic that pundits from all parts of the political spectrum are commenting on – and it often comes down to the fact that voters in many areas have to wait in line for hours to cast their ballots.

As filmmaker Michael Moore recently wrote, “People have to leave the house and get in line to vote. And if they live in poor, Black or Hispanic neighborhoods, they not only have a longer line to wait in, everything is being done to literally stop them from casting a ballot. So in most elections it’s hard to get even 50% to turn out to vote.”

Qless can fix this! How? By implementing our line-management platform that has already helped tens of millions of people get the services they want and need without having to spend time in line. Just like we’ve eliminated lines at departments of motor vehicles (DMV)hospitalsgovernment offices, and retail stores, we can let voters cast their ballots without wasting hours in a queue. Instead, users simply use their cell phones to enter a virtual line – and they only have to show up when it’s their turn to vote. It really is that easy. 

The USA deserves a true democracy where the ability to vote easily is not determined by the size of your paycheck. Ask your elected representatives to do it in time for November.

VOTE Qless!!!