Nobody likes waiting around for a doctor’s appointment or a walk-in urgent care visit. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, medical office waiting rooms have taken on a whole new negative connotation. The waiting room is now seen as a contagious place where you might catch a virus from the people around you. Enhancing the patient experience in a healthcare setting calls for new methods of doing business, like using Qless queue management and appointment scheduling technology.  

Using Queue Management to Clear Your Medical Office Waiting Room 

Qless queue management is the perfect solution to promote social distancing and give patients a sense of empowerment for making better use of their wait time. With this technology, patients can check in for their appointments without ever leaving their vehicles. By using an app on their cell phone, patients join a virtual queue that gives them estimated wait time updates by text message. Healthcare staff receives a real-time dashboard that lets them see who is waiting, who is scheduled for the rest of the day, and they can easily communicate with all patients through text messages. No more crowded waiting rooms for your medical office, and your patients can feel safer from contagions waiting in their own private space.

Automated Appointment Scheduling for Patient Ease

A woman uses a cell phone while in her car

In the past, it was common to call to book an appointment or schedule a follow-up with a receptionist after a doctor’s visit. Either option was cumbersome and took up staff time when they could be focusing on other patient needs and office work. Qless appointment scheduling software automates the process and makes it easy for patients to book their appointments on the company website or the company app. For businesses like urgent care offices that might receive both walk-ins and scheduled appointments, the FlexAppointment technology seamlessly integrates patients into one virtual queue and fills gaps in the schedule. Once patients schedule an appointment, they receive text message confirmations and reminders that help keep them on task to arrive for their appointment on time. Automated scheduling is a must-have technology to upgrade the patient experience in healthcare settings.

Measure the Patient Experience

The only way to know how your patients feel about their experience in your facility is to collect feedback. Qless software has advanced features that help you record patient data and send customer satisfaction surveys. Once the patient has completed their visit, the software sends the survey through text message straight to their cell phone. You’ll get a high rate of completion with this method, and you’ll be able to see feedback that can help you to improve your operations.

Let your patients skip the waiting room in your medical office and go straight from their cars to the examination room. Qless can be applied to a wide range of healthcare settings, including doctor’s offices, urgent care offices, hospitals, physical therapy offices, and more. Contact us today for a free business demo and learn how you can enhance the patient experience in your healthcare facility.