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To navigate the ongoing challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic effects, retail store owners and managers need to be attentive to the needs of customers and front-line sales staff. Retail enterprises that incorporate retail appointment scheduling software into their shopping models will offer a safe transition and provide an enhanced customer experience.

Upgrade Your Customer Experience with Qless

Qless offers appointment scheduling that manages check-out lines and provides for individual appointments. Qless integrates into a retailer’s website or in-store kiosks and connects to customers through a mobile phone app. The technology is easy to use in the retail environment, and customers enjoy not waiting in line!

Four Ways to Incorporate Retail Appointment Scheduling

A female customer holds up a sweater.

  1. Combine the Online and In-Store Experiences

As pandemic restrictions ease, customers are beginning to shop in stores again. But offering a safe environment is essential for showing customer appreciation. Appointment scheduling allows customers to schedule a time when they can visit your store for in-person pick-up, browsing, or connecting with a customer service associate.

  1. Reward Customer Loyalty

Retail appointment scheduling allows a store to reward loyal customers by offering them the opportunity to have a more personalized in-store experience. In addition to queue management, the Qless platform will enable stores to send digital surveys and opportunities for customers to provide feedback. This feature can then be used to offer VIP services and incentives to survey respondents or anyone who has opted in to a store’s contact list.

  1. Showcase New Product Lines A female customer leaves a retail shop holding a bouquet of flowers.

Whether you’re selling cosmetics, clothing, home electronics, or automobiles, the Qless platform can be used to drive customers in-store to learn more about new product lines and services. In addition, it offers a more exclusive retail environment, and customers respond positively to an offer of special advance access.

  1. Offer Personalized Shopping and Concierge Services

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your business model with retail appointment scheduling is to offer special in-store events and services unavailable through your online shopping platform. These specialized offerings may include exclusive access to in-store performances, product demonstrations, complimentary food and beverage tastings, and the ability to schedule in-person appointments with design consultants, personal shoppers, or additional service providers.

Retail Appointment Scheduling: Upgrade Your Sales Floor with Qless

Qless is a must-have technology for retail stores looking to stay competitive in the post-COVID world! The Qless virtual queuing platform offers bi-directional communication with customers through text messages. This feature allows customers to monitor their place in the virtual queue and request additional time if it’s needed. Stores can also use Qless to obtain valuable business intelligence through its ability to collect customer feedback. Contact Qless today for a complimentary product demo.