Now more than ever, vaccine scheduling software offers a way to ensure a safe and effective roll-out. Many people are confused and anxious about the safety measures they need to take to protect themselves and others. They want to receive their vaccination, and they want to remain safe at the same time. Learn how QLess can help by allowing people to book appointments and follow-ups without waiting in line.

parking spaces for COVID-19

Set up Safe Appointment Slots

The number one way to use vaccine scheduling software is to schedule appointment times for citizens who want to get a vaccine. This is essential because people are eager to receive their vaccinations. They’re also worried and concerned, which can result in frustration and impatience.

While the scheduling software from QLess is ideal for any type of vaccine roll-out, it is especially beneficial for the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine. Some areas have limited vaccines, limited space, and limited time. Giving people options will help them feel more in control when they schedule an appointment, and it will ensure that healthcare facilities have adequate staff to administer the vaccine, as well as plenty of space.

Allow People to Remain Socially Distanced

Scheduling software further keeps people safe by facilitating social distancing. Even with vaccines rolling out across the country, social distancing remains imperative. Setting up appointments ensures that no facility will be overrun by people. There won’t be crowds, which means there’s less of a risk of potentially spreading COVID-19 or any other illness. Reduced wait times mean that there won’t be crowded waiting rooms. You can also create widely spaced vaccination stations.

Avoid a Crush

Avoiding a crush of people is another benefit of vaccine scheduling software. It’s impossible to overstate the importance of helping people maintain social distancing guidelines while they queue up to get their vaccine. In fact, QLess prevents people from queuing up at all. Once they book their vaccination appointment, they’ll be told exactly when your staff will be ready for them, and any delays can be communicated directly to their cellphones through the QLess app. They don’t need to wait around the facility. Instead, they can show up at the appropriate time and receive their vaccine safely.

Follow up for Check-ins

When a patient needs to receive a second dose of the vaccination, our vaccine scheduling software makes it easy to follow up. You can either book the second appointment on the day they receive their first vaccine, or you can give them the option to make an appointment at the appropriate time, e.g., at least two weeks after the first dose. Our software will also allow you to check in to see if anyone’s experiencing side effects or has questions.

Using the vaccine scheduling software from QLess can facilitate a seamless roll-out of the vaccine. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you.