“Absolutely love, love, love, love the system!! I had a 90 minute wait with 108 people ahead of me. So I left to do shopping, contacted my insurance company and had the insurance emailed to me home, dropped off the groceries, got updated wait times, came in with the insurance and was called to the window for service. Pam was fantastic, polite, efficient and courteous – a real delight! Whoever came up with the system is a genius! Everyone should be calling in to praise the system and the staff that are responsible for selecting and implementing it!! Awesome experience.”
— Erica, Qless user
“Lol…what an original website address. Love this method, very updated & convenient!”
“What should i send if i want to be first in line?”
“Thank u great service by cell. It help take care of some personal bussiness [sic] and still hold my place in line.”
“Wow im shock with this great sys”
“This setup is awsome thanks so much”
“You are welcome. Your system is awesome:)”
“K. Thanks again, awsome service!!”
“Thanks. I am here waiting. Nice system.”
“Waiting……we ran to Chipotle….you can check ur wait time.thru texts. We should be up in 15-20. I’m good. How r u?”
“Thank you..This is great!!”
We also have had a couple of inquiries from jealous wives checking their husbands’ cell phone records. Worry not, we straightened them out (no sexy-sounding receptionist for those calls)!
How would you like those to be your customers? All it takes is one call! 877-4-0-LINES