In a veterinarian’s office, your receptionists’ time is divided amongst helping in-office clients, filing paperwork, answering phone calls, scheduling veterinary appointments, and other office duties. Your customers are used to calling in and being placed on hold to make upcoming appointments and requests for information. But what if there was an easier way of scheduling veterinary appointments for both your employees and customers? Qless can give your staff some relief and make your customers’ pet parenting lives simpler.

Enhance Customer Convenience

In today’s fast-paced world, and with the reality of social distancing, your customers expect convenience. That means the ability to easily schedule their pet’s veterinary appointments on the company’s website or an app. Calling the office can still be an option, but most millennials prefer to use the Internet when it comes to booking appointments. Qless gives them that power and even promotes social distancing with mobile check-in. Instead of waiting in the vet’s office to be summoned, the Qless veterinary appointment scheduling software lets them wait in their vehicles or take Fido out for a short walk. A text message lets them know when the vet is ready to see them.

Employees Prefer Automation

When customers can book their veterinary appointments online, it takes a load off your employees. They’ll receive fewer calls and interruptions during their day, keeping them more focused on other tasks. In-office clients will receive better attention and won’t have to wait around while your receptionist takes scheduling phone calls. Though calls and in-office scheduling will still happen on occasion, Qless uses FlexAppointment technology to seamlessly integrate them and fill gaps in the schedule.

Throw Your Customers a Bone

Sometimes, humans can be as forgetful as goldfish. Veterinary appointments can easily be forgotten if not written down, causing your office to be less productive with no-shows. The Qless software makes sure your clients know their appointment is approaching with helpful text message reminders and confirmations. And, when their veterinary appointment has ended, it can send out a customer satisfaction survey, giving you important data and feedback about how your business is running. This data can be used to optimize operations and create custom promotions for your clients.

Veterinary appointment scheduling software is exactly what modern businesses need to promote excellent customer service, help your employees focus on other customer needs, and comply with the new standards of business operation in a global time of uncertainty. Qless provides a means of satisfying customers and gives business owners the opportunity of improving their processes. Our software is simple to use for everyone involved. Contact Qless representatives today to hear about our success stories and to get a free demo of how our product works.