an image of an empty waiting room

Creating a virtual DMV experience isn’t hard, and it is necessary, particularly in a post-COVID world. Operations are getting back to normal, but that doesn’t mean that they’re entirely safe. Give citizens the chance to avoid waiting at the office with the rest of the crowd. QLess offers several ways to do that, including the ability to schedule appointments virtually. In doing so, you may find that your office and staff members become more productive, as well.

Getting Rid of the Line

One of the benefits of a virtual DMV is that there is no line. That means that there aren’t loads of people waiting around, either sitting in the waiting room or queueing up in front of the counter they need. In a post-COVID world, that’s still essential. Although many areas are resuming life as it used to be, that doesn’t mean that it’s not important to remain safe. In crowded locations, especially, it’s vital to take care and avoid those crowds.

The DMV is often full of people. Moving to a more virtual platform is a way to keep both citizens and staff members safe and healthy. Your DMV office can turn to QLess to adopt a virtual setting. Using queue management, you can cut down on the number of people who are in the office at one time. That reduces the risk of passing germs back and forth, and that safety applies to more than just COVID.

Inviting Appointments

Virtual solutions can include booking appointments instead of inviting citizens to wait around the office. That’s part of the QLess advantage. In addition to queue management, you can use our platform to encourage visitors to make virtual appointments. They won’t have to wait around, either. They only have to show up at the time of their appointment, at which point a staff member will be available to help them with exactly what they need. Not only will that offer a level of health and safety, but it will also increase customer satisfaction. No one enjoys waiting for long periods. QLess allows citizens to go about their business until it’s time to show up at the DMV. If there are delays, the app will let them know.

Employing Internet-Based Solutions

There are other ways to create a virtual DMV, as well. Most notably, try to allow registrations and renewals to take place online whenever possible. There are some tasks that require an in-person visit to the DMV. However, others don’t call for face-to-face meetings. Give citizens the chance to do what they can online and avoid an unnecessary trip.

Watch a demo to learn more about QLess. You’ll easily be able to see how to create a more virtual DMV experience.