What Is a Virtual Queue Management System and How Does It Work?

Waiting in line is a drag. Whether it’s a long wait at the DMV, a theme park, the doctor’s office, or smaller wait times at restaurants and retail businesses, we lament our lost time. Customers are either forced to stand in a single file line or made to sit in a small waiting room. Dare to get out of line for even a minute, and you may lose your place and have to start at the back of the line. A virtual queue management system is what many businesses have turned to in order to satisfy customers and gain insights to improve business processes.

Simple Software

The QLess queue management system works through major browsers and with your customers’ cell phones. Customers can join a virtual line for buying goods or receiving a service by checking in on your company’s website or app. Once they join a virtual queue, the QLess software notifies the customer of estimated wait times through text or voice messages. Customers are kept aware of their impending service with multiple communications.

As they reach the front of the line, the app gives them directions on where they should go to meet an employee. Customers can even request more time through the app, should they get caught up in shopping or for any other reason. When more time is requested, customers are moved back a little further in the queue instead of being pushed to the back of the line.

Enhanced Communication

What else is a virtual queue management system good for? It also allows employees to communicate with customers about wait times and send custom notifications. This option comes in handy should there be any type of schedule delays or customer-specific special needs. Employees have access to a real-time dashboard that lets them see who is waiting, what services they need, and who has upcoming appointments. All of this information and other metrics are recorded in the software and converted into easy-to-read graphs and reports for your reference.

Business managers can also choose to use the QLess app to send alerts about promotions to customers as they wait. They’re already checking their phones to stay aware of their wait time, so you can bet your promo notification will be seen. QLess can also send text message customer satisfaction surveys as soon as the customer completes their transaction. 

The QLess virtual queue management system is a perfect solution for what businesses need to disperse lines and manage crowds of customers. It can be applied to numerous industries like healthcare, education, government offices, and logistics. Just read our success stories for some great examples of how QLess helped businesses excel. Contact us today to request a free business demo.