The customer journey is all the experiences customers have with your company and your brand. It starts before your potential customers ever step foot in your place of business. These days, it usually begins with your online presence. This can be your website or other websites that host online reviews, like Google and Yelp. This is where the customer starts to form an opinion of your business and the goods or services you offer. From there, the customer journey is shaped by different aspects of your physical business, like the building, the customer service provided by employees, the quality of your goods or services, and more. Learning how to measure and document the customer journey is what helps you improve business processes.

Record Data with QLess Software

To measure anything, you need data. QLess software provides analysis, which is what can automate this process in the customer journey and provide accurate information. It’s software that can be applied to a wide range of industries, including education, government offices, healthcare, logistics, and retail. It collects data from all aspects of the customer journey, such as their personal information, buying habits, service history, transaction times, and customer feedback. Your team of managers can use this information to set standards for employees and create incentive programs. You can make customized promotions that are tailored exactly to what your customers want. And, you can effectively market these promos to your ever-growing marketing list of email addresses and cell phone numbers.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Without customer feedback, you’re running your business blind and hoping for the best. Let’s say a customer experienced poor service in their journey, and this is what prompts them not to return to do business with you again. If you don’t get their feedback, you’ll never know that an employee provided sub-par service, and you won’t be able to fix the issue before more customers are disappointed by your company. QLess customer journey analysis software gives you the option to send satisfaction surveys to your customers via text message as soon as they complete their transaction. This method gives you a high rate of returned surveys, offering helpful feedback that you can use to improve your business processes.  

Additional Benefits   

QLess software can provide so much more for the customer journey than just information. It can also provide appointment scheduling and queue management for customers. These features are the modern technology your business needs to gain an edge over the competition. Automated appointment scheduling reduces your employees’ workload and helps customers keep their appointments with digital confirmations and reminders. Queue management software clears out waiting rooms and disperses lines by letting customers wait anywhere they please. 

Now you know what the customer journey is and how you can effectively measure it. Get started today with QLess software by requesting a free demo. Contact us to learn more about how QLess can be applied to your industry!