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Many features make Qless an easy queue management system. From creating a better customer experience to increased workflow, reduced walkaways, lower costs, and access to critical data and analytics, Qless lets people wait wherever they want, allowing them to use their wait time as they choose.

Digital line management is being used by more industries than ever, from healthcare to retail, higher education, government offices like DMVs, logistics, events, and production and manufacturing. Companies are seeing boosts in productivity and efficiency while saving money. 

One of the best results from Qless is that it can reduce wait times by up to 97%. By letting people do what they want during their wait time, their perceived wait time is less than it is. When people’s time is occupied, they are less aware of the time they are waiting. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and engagement.

Appointment Scheduling

Qless’s easy queue management system facilitates easier scheduling that provides heightened visibility for both customers and staff. Customer engagement teams can customize customer information before their appointment while staff can see the big picture of all appointments across their operations. Qless allows you to optimize resources, improving service, efficiency, and ROI.

Customers have access to iOS and Android apps that allow easy access to the queue from their mobile devices.

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Customers Can Choose When and How They Engage

With Qless digital line management, customers choose which platforms they want to use and when they want to do so. Automated texts keep customers informed of their place in line and allow customers to tell you if they need more time or have to leave the queue. These two-way communications make it easier for both staff and customers to stay in touch. 

Walk-in customers can also join the queue and find open appointments remotely using the app,  a kiosk in your lobby, or even a QR code. These features enhance communications and improve the customer experience. 

Visualize Customer Data and Make Better Decisions

The Qless queue management system makes it easier to see real-time reports on your queue status, letting staff see at-a-glance views into queue performance and potential bottlenecks. 

Your team can configure dashboards to see:

  • Current number of customers
  • Current estimated wait time
  • Average estimated wait time per location
  • Average actual wait time
  • How many customers have been served/seen
  • The number and percentage of no-show appointments
  • Employee utilization 
  • Transaction times

Creating a comprehensive view of your queue management system allows you to maintain a pulse on your entire operation and make real-time adjustments as needed. 

Give Your Customers a Voice

In addition to digital line management, Qless includes customer feedback software that helps you learn from your customers. 

The system can send out pulse surveys via automated text message that gives you access to customer insights and an understanding of their experience. This feedback allows businesses to quickly learn what is and isn’t working and take action on areas that need attention. 

Staff can also use the feedback module to get customer satisfaction scores and testimonials. It’s all built into the Qless system and makes it easy to use their queue management system

Gone are the days of the “take a number” system. Digital line management makes Qless an easy queue management system that will save your operation money and allow you to see more efficiencies and growth. Get a demo of the Qless system to see how it can help you.