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Qless is one of the best medical appointment scheduling software programs mainly because of its ease of use for both patients and health practices. Qless offers several features to help practices streamline their operations and increase revenue. 

Improved Patient Experience

Qless focuses on patient satisfaction by altering the typical waiting room experience rather than risking long wait times, feelings of impatience and agitation, and social distancing protocols. Qless allows patients to join a virtual queue and waiting room and will enable them to wait for their appointment wherever they want, which is one of the features that makes it one of the best medical appointment scheduling software systems. 

The queue management system sends you alerts, so you know when your appointment time is approaching so you can go when it’s your turn. When you get there, you are seen by the doctor quickly, with minimal waiting time. Medical appointment scheduling software programs make it easier for patients to interact with your practice. Programs like Qless allow patients to schedule appointments when they want, wait where they want, be kept apprised of any delays, so they don’t arrive earlier than needed. Qless medical appointment scheduling software is best for helping improve patient satisfaction scores. 

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Better Practice Operational Efficiency

Hospitals, clinics, and other health practices want to get the most out of their expensive resources, whether doctors, nurses, or costly equipment like an MRI. A canceled appointment or a no-show costs a health practice about $200. Using the Qless medical appointment scheduling software program, staff can turn no-show appointments into “later-show” appointments by allowing patients running late to move to a later slot rather than losing their place altogether. Qless Flex Appointments can fill last-minute cancellations automatically. 

Qless is a self-service solution, which frees up front desk staff to focus on their work. Patients have the flexibility to join the queue on their phones via SMS or app, via the practice website, or by phone, without involving staff. Patients are kept in the loop regarding their wait time, which is more accurate than other systems as Qless uses historical data and predictive analytics to generate accurate wait times. 

Qless is among the best medical appointment scheduling software available as it improves staff workflow and efficiency. FlexAppointments help fill every available time slot in the schedule to ensure doctors, nurses, and equipment are used to their full potential. And when emergencies or other unexpected events keep a doctor longer than expected, the Qless medical appointment scheduling software program informs the doctor’s patients of the delay so they don’t arrive too soon. 

Qless also provides customizable dashboards that allow practices to view real-time analytics that helps manage their practice better for all practice locations and enables them to make immediate changes to fix potential problems. Medical appointment scheduling software boosts staff morale by freeing them to do the jobs they were hired to do (and want to do) and Qless helps improve patient satisfaction scores, which helps increase reimbursements. 

Qless’ medical appointment scheduling software program saves time and money, helps keep patients happy, improves patient satisfaction scores, and helps your medical practice run more effectively and efficiently. Learn how Qless can help you by scheduling a demo today.