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Yelpers give Reno Nevada DMV 30% more 4 & 5 stars since implementing QLess™.


"When they met with staff, the students were calm, cool, and collected, rather than angry, bitter, and mad. This is a huge transformation.”

Curt Eley - Vice President for Enrollment Management
The University of Texas at Dallas


"A lot of the bad reputation was ancient history[…] it is a hard reputation to live down and eliminating the physical line was an easy fix with big payoffs for our customers.”

Jocelyn Mathiasen
Director of the Department of Permitting and Land Use City of Milford, CT


Customer satisfaction increased by 20% in a study conducted by our client, Impact Urgent Care.


After one year of use,
Vodafone Spain increased the
number of customers served by 12%,
reduced no shows by 25%,
and reduced wait times by 50%.

No shows
reduced by

increased by

Wait times
reduced by




QLess, the first name in mobile wait management solutions –

  • Your customers can enter a virtual queue from cell phones, touch screen kiosks, or the Web. Your employees can add customers to a virtual line from the Queue Manager.

  • Your customers can roam freely while they wait.

  • QLess sends customers an SMS or calls them when it is their turn to be served.

Intuitive Interface for Employees & Customers


QLess Queue Manager

Provides a real-time animated, graphical view
of your virtual queues.

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QLess Kiosk

A simple series of touch-screens for customers to enter into your virtual queues.

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Give Lost Time Back to Your Customers

Give Lost Time Back to Your Customers

Allow your customers to wait for services however and wherever they choose by holding their spot in line with a mobile phone. This decreases your customers’ perceived wait time and can be a great customer-service differentiator.



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We love you qless Amazing and so convenient! That was the best experience ever!!!! Awesome! Lol...what an original website address. Love this method, very updated & convenient! QLess is great! We liked it s lot! Such a great idea & great experience! Loved it, thank you! It was fantastic! We have been visiting this santa for 8 yrs. This is the best experience ever! Wonderful experience! Well organized! Thank u great service by cell. It help take care of some personal business and still hold my place in line. Loved the process Love love love this option!! Great idea!!! :) We love the QLess service. No more grumpy kids while waiting in a long line! Please do this every year!!! pretty cool thing Awesome system beats standing in the cold in line for hours!! Very good. It was better than standing in line and waiting. Very efficient Wow this is the best county I've ever lived in..:-) :-) Great idea I am thru...what a wonderful way to do this..thanks The best invention ever!!! Nothpark Santa can kiss it!!!! This was AWESOME!!!! Compared to standing in line for hours, we checked in, ate dinner, played in the playground, and waited in line at the same time. This is a great idea! Thanks :) Awesome!!! Was the best santa trip ever. Waited five minutes. Was perfect We were able to keep all kids in a better frame of mind instead of waiting in a very long line and them be grumpy by the time it was our turn. Service, and minimal wait time, were awesome! Love this new program. Will use it again for sure. I have been taking my children to 'the big guy' since the first year he was at Stonebriar mall in Frisco. This was by far the Most enjoyable time. Awesome service!!! It was a great experience..perfect!!!!!! We loved the Santa and the way everything was set up. Thanks!!!! Fantastic system! Convenient and easy! Fantastic!! It looks like you guys have got this down!!!!!!!! Awesome idea. Worked wonderfully! Awesome! Genius!!!! Love it! Much better this year no long line to freeze in Loved it! Nice to be able to do other things than just wait in a line. It was certainly different than when I was little! GREAT Idea!!! Thanks!!! Wonderful! Best experience ever!!! You are welcome. Your system is awesome:) It was great to not have to wait in line! Awesome. Gr8 idea! Online check was awesome!!!! Please continue to go this every year! Wonderful! We love it. This was a great service. Thx for providing! Thanks!! This has been the best experience waiting for Santa that we have ever had!! I am a big fan of this QLess process!! It worked quite well. Great service! Best idea ever!!!! Love it why didn't someone do this earlier? Thank you for making my life easier! A mom of 3 very active kids! great idea not much wait in the cold! AWESOME idea! Made the wait less stressful! I like it! Definitely easier thsn last year! Luved being able 2 wait at home until it was time Awesome!!!! So much better than the hour and a half we waited in line in the cold. Thank you!! Was awesome! Thank you! This was soooo awesome...thanks for this feature We loved the new QLess service. Hope to see it in effect next year also. It was incredible! We were in and out in fifteen minutes! Hope to do it again next year! K. Thanks again, awsome service!! I loved this service!! It was great Cool! I like this. We are a family of 8, 6 kids all under age of 9. We were very encouraged to hear of this program & were not disappointed at all how it performed for us. Love this use of technology! Thx for helping make this holiday a little bit less stressful! Yall have figured out a great system!! Thanks so much! You guys are so sweet...thank you... That was by far the BEST santa experience we've EVER had. Mostly thanks to the new QLess service - AWESOME! LOVED it!!!!!! Loved it It was much better than last year This is the best! Gr8 idea. Worked good 4 us. Had 2 wait some little extra time once we were called, but way better than what it wnuld have been the old way. This was amazing! Thank You for making our visit to see Santa so nice and easy Really liked it Wonderful!!!!!! Love Santa and love the virtual line!!!!!! Way better than last year! Thanks so much! Awesome! worth the 30min drive to visit this Santa just for the virtual queue! Great and efficient product. Thanks. Great visit with santa. Liked signing in rather than waiting. Good idea! Awesome! I was very impressed at how organized the whole process was and enjoyed being able to shop and not have to stand and wait in a long line Awesome system! This was a phenomenal experience. Thank you! Loved the virtual line! It made waiting 84 mins virtually painless! :-* Awesome Awesome Wonderful experience! Awesome idea and easy to use! Please do this every year! This setup is awsome thanks so much The new waiting system was awesome! Awesome idea. Thank you Loved it! Loved our experience! We've been seeing The Big Guy for over 8 years. The text ahead was a HUGE hit. It took us longer to get there than it did in line. Thanks! Absolutely loved not waiting!! Best experience ever! This was awesome thank u ! It was great! It was awesome! It was the best experience. No lines in the cold. Great service.... Thank you... This was an amazing thing. Doing it again next year It was great, so much better than last year! Thought it was great, thanks!! It was great..thanks! Awesome idea!! Thank you! this concept worked great!!! I love being able to text in my place in line. We did not have to wait in a huge line Awesome service!! Thank you!! New service was great. Out of nine years with this Santa, it was out best ever! Thanks for new QLess option! Brilliant, genius service! I hope u continue to use it in future!! Yes yes yes. Loved this new service. Thank you. As we were driving off my husband says "that was the most enjoyable time seeing Santa I have ever had"!!! Was a really good idea. We enjoyed. nice system It was an awesome experience!! This system is awesome! I hope we see more of this technology in more services. You made our family time so efficient with this system. Thank you. It was a wonderful experience! Higly recommend! This was great- the way to do it from now on Great service, thank you! It was awesome! No wait less stress! Awesome Awesome thanks for adding this no more grumpy kids after waiting in line I really enjoyed the queue system. Beats standing line. This service rocks!! Worked out great Best experience ever in 12 years must do again and counting on Easter bunny This was great. we have three kids so not having to stand in line was awesome. we would love for the system to be used again next year. It was very convenient and helpful. We loved not having to wait in line! It worked out great!!!! Great service! Super fast and the santa was the best santa we have been to! We will be coming back next year Loved it. Sure beat waiting so long in the cold. I LOVED it! Beats the he'll out of standing in line for an hour or more. Very good job! Fantastic! Really appreciate not having to stand in line. LOVED it!!!!! That was very well organized! The wait was so manageable for my infant! Awesome! We love it!!!!! It's sooooo much better than freeeezing out in the cold! Great idea!!! See you next year! Awesome! Well done. Great system. It was great. Thnks for everything Perfect! We thought it was so awesome. Great idea! Thanks This was the best way to handle the 'santa' lines! I hope you do this every year! This was a wonderful experience. We will see you again. It was very helpful, I hope you do it again next year Worked out great! This was our 5th year, and by far the queue system is a 10 out of 10. It is far superior to the other visits, thanks for making it so easy. See you next year. Thanks. I am here waiting. Nice system. Thought it was a great idea! We LOVED it!!! Please do it again next year Loved it! Loved the Q! Thanks! It was awesome!!!!!! We were more than pleased with the new system. It was 100% better than the last 2 years! I thought it was great!! Loved the updates while we shopped!!! Awesome time! Thank you for a wonderful experience! Love this! I can't imagine waiting in a long line ever again! Liked it Awesome!! I love the new QLess service! Loved it Wonderful process! Much better than the previous two years. Thank you!!! Awesome!!! Love the virtual line Loved it. Worked great! just got an update saying i have 48 mins. this is cool! I love this way of standing in line!! We LOVE this service! We were able to "get in line" and go grab a bite to eat and do some shopping! Worked perfect. Would love it if you did it again next year! Grt! Thx 4 doing it this way! Great idea. Got to check in, go eat, come back to visit the big guy! AWESOME! Loved it! Thank-you! No wait makes a difference! Awesome! What a fabulous idea. It was so easy! It was very convenient. Genius! Awesome!! Awesome! It was so much better, more organized, less chaos, kids tolerated it so much better!!!!!!! Loved it!!!!! Thanks! Great experience! Awesome use of technology! AWESOME!! This is the absolute best service. Thank you! Government run organization at its best! This was great! It was wonderful!! It was fantastic Love, love, love it! No time wasted just sitting in a long line... Awesome service! Wonderful!!!!! Easy!!!!! Awesome, awesome service! It was nice to have no big line as a distraction. Quiet one on one with Santa was great! Love love love it! My infant and 7 year old stayed warm, I got to shop and we walked in when we were ready! Kids in line were happy, not whining! Great job! Thanks it was a great process A great idea! Way better than standing in line. The kids were able to play and my wife was able to shop during the wait. Loved it! Hope you do it every year!! Great love it. Loved it! Did Northpark Mall last year no texts it was terrible. This was great. Thanks. Loved it!!! Awesome!!! Coming back next year! This was an awesome experience. It was unbelievable not to have wait in the cold for hours! Great! Nice and Easy. awesome idea very well organized loved it! AWESOME!!! This is the only way to see Santa!! Great job! Best idea ever, we loved it!!! This was a wonderful way of getting though the line. We only waited 10min when we got here! Great idea! Great system! Loved it!! Great service! What a wonderful thing for customer satisfaction! Helped especially because I have 2 little ones & the weather was so cold. Thank you! It was awesome! What a great idea. :) this was flawless on a bitter cold day! Thanks! :o) Excellent idea & prgrm for both parents & kids to get thru the process w/ less 'casualties' & when everyone's happy you sell more photos too. Best year ever! We loved not having to wait in line and didn't feel rushed It was super! Loved our visit and no line! Key in making sure the kids didn't go postal waiting in line, loved it! Thanks! Great idea!! Was Great What an improvement over the many hours we've waited in line in years past! Thanks! Excellent experience. Great way of doing this awesome method of texting when its photo time. very convenient for a mother with small kids This is a wonderful program! This makes waiting so much easier! Thanks so much!!! Great!! Beats waiting in line with wild & wound up kids any day!! Loved it!!! Thanks so much!!! The line and entire process went great! This was so AWESOME Incredible! Loved not having to wait, thank you!!! Great way to go see santa! Makes it a much more enjoyable experience! We love this and want to thank the people who created this wonderful idea! It is so much quicker and easy! Thank you so much!!! :D In a word ... Awesome Best thing ever This was a great service. Awesome!! Love it! Sweet. Only a 14 min wait. If I had just walked in without you doing that, I would be 201st in line. Awsome! No wait so no grumpy kids! :) thanx this was awesome! Awesome idea! Loved not waiting in line! This system is awesome! Loved it. Wouldn't go anywhere else. i like it. waiting in line with 4 adhd kids would not have been good! This was the best idea. Love the system Loved it! What a wonderful idea! This works out great! I think it is wonderful!!!! Please continue to offer this service. This was the best way to wait in line. Absolutely loved it. Not frustrating, kids weren't bored or complaining Love it !! So nice to not have to wait! It is awesome! Awesome ,thats the way to do this Love it...please do it next year. It works great Loved it! We love it! Love the new system! Worked great and much more convient! (: It was wonderful!! took alot of stress away from waiting in line!! Thanks!! This service is a great help! Thank you! Great service, much better than waiting in a line Great! Loved it!! perfect. What a great service. Thanks! It does suck waiting in're the best DMV i've ever encountered. :-) :-) :-) The system is great Awesome! What a great service! Do it again next year please. Fabulous It was great! Hope you use the same system next year. This is a great system. Thanks! What a great experience! You really kept any hassle to a min and the kids weren't cranky from waiting in line. Thank you! Awesome system. Great time saver. This is phenominal. I plan to tell everyone. I never thought going to see santa could be painless. Fantastic! Good job Awesome! So much better than waiting in the cold! This system works great! Makes the coordination with kids much more manageable. That's cool wish everybody would do this! Love was painless with three kids. Was very smooth and easy. Thanks! This worked great. we signed in at home, and drove up right when we were called to the front of the line, so no waiting at all! It was awesome Awesome!!! This is absolutely amazing! We will come here every year! Loved it. Very convenient Awesome!!!! Great to have no wait when it's usually hours! QLess is GREAT!!!!!!!! Awesome!! Loved it and appreciate how easy it made it for our family!! This is cool Best thing ever! It was awesome! This was awesome!!! Please, please do it again next year. Love not having to wait in line. I could do other stuff while I waited and show up when it was our turn This is a great service!! We loved it. Best Santa experience ever! Great idea!!! Timing was right on :) Thank you...This is great!! Fantastic idea. Great response time. Worked great Wow im shock with this great sys LOVED the new check-in system!!!! Total of 10 minutes from start to finish. :) Worked out perfect for us!! This service was the best & the wait time was painless! 2 thumbs up!! Super concept! Great for the local retailers. The virtual line part was awesome Great service..thanks....isnt technology great...;) Great system. So easy om the kiddos. Stress free Loved not having to wait in line!!! Awesome system!! It was fantastic!!! We loved it! Awesome! Awesome It was awesome! No waiting in line with a two year old was bliss. Thought itwas FANTASTIC. After 2 hrs in freezing cold cold last yr this was great. Brilliant service. Thank you for offering this. Pure awesomeness! It was AWESOME!!!!!!!! Great!! Hubby said, '200% better than last year.' :) Loved it! Your system made our Santa experience awesome. Please sell this to doctors and government services like county tax offices and drivers license offices It was great. The best experience! So easy, less stress and hassle! Love it! We love this system. Last year we froze while standing in the cold for over an hour with two active kids. This is much better. This is genius! Loved this system. A lot better than standing outside for hours. Loved it! The best experience we've ever had with Santa picture lines. Awesome service u offer...thanks a bunch for saving my time... It was awesome!! Much better! Great system Great experience! Makes taking kids for holiday outings so much easier! Thank you! It was awesome! this is fantastic...really easy like being able to add time via txt...way to go =) What an awesome way to see Santa!! Awesome! Do the same thing next year! :) Absolutely fantastic!!! Please do it again next year!!!! I like it Great idea!! Love it!! Cold or nice weather, kids are impatient and parents get self involved about line placement. I have a special needs child and this was so great! Wonderful experience Very good system. Helped us to move faster. Great idea. we shopped while we waited. It worked great!!! Thank you. It was awesome! Great idea!! Great service. Quick and hardly a wait. Thank u from a mom with 3 under 3. AWESOME!!! greatest idea ever, it's up there with electricity and running water :-) Great idea! :) Loved not standing in line. We thought it was awesome. Great idea! This is the best idea ever!!! Thank you for making this santa visit so stress free and fun! Awesome service! This year was awesome. i love the new system. It was wonderful. Thanks. Outstanding!!! Great experience fast and quick. Wonderful for keeping kids happy! Great system! Big fan! Great system Wonderful! the new system. It was a wonderful system!! Keep it for next year!! Love it!!!! Thank u 4 a good experience! Absolutely loved it!! This service kept us out of the cold and got us right in to see Santa when it was our turn. Great job!! Loved the virtual line for Santa. It worked great! This was awesome! We'll be back next year! Thought it was great. Super easy and fast easy for kids. They don't have to wait in a line. Thanks. Awesome! Wait process is great!!! Awesome! Love this service!!!

What They Say About QLess


I am being asked recommendations for queue management and clearly I recommend your company”

Global Head of Retail Technology, Vodafone


This application is fantastic. We have jumped a decade forward in customer experience”

Senior Manager, Business Intelligence Center at Texas Department of Public Safety

Valencia Community College

Your product is amazing and about as innovative as it gets. So simple, yet so effective in creating customer satisfaction. Brilliant!”

Director of OIT Web & Portal Services, Valencia Community College

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