Transforming Student Services with Callback Queuing

Florida Southwestern State College

Shorter Call Duration
Less time waiting, and more time serving students.
Calls Answered
Only 27% of calls were answered before Qless
Reduction in Days to Admit
Students are admitted sooner with less hassle.

The Challenge

Prior to implementing QLess, FSW's student services departments faced significant challenges in managing high call volumes and long wait times. Departments such as Admissions, Advising, and Financial Aid relied on custom web forms and outdated phone systems, resulting in missed calls, frustrated students, and overwhelmed staff.

In the Admissions department, for example, staff members were only able to answer 27% of the over 400 incoming calls on a typical day, even with all hands on deck. This led to students hanging up and calling multiple times, increasing the total number of calls to manage. Staff were spending more time answering phones than processing applications, ultimately this ballooned time to process student admission beyond 40 days. 

FSW's endeavor to deliver top-notch, personalized service was impeded by the absence of a cohesive and effective system to oversee and manage student interactions. They needed a solution that could streamline processes, reduce wait times, and improve both student and staff satisfaction.

The Solution

FSW turned to QLess to transform their student services operations. By implementing QLess callback queues, they were able to eliminate the need for students to wait on hold, reduced call times, and brought a sense of calm back to the staff who now had time to better prepare for each interaction.

Key features of the QLess implementation included:

  • Callback queues across the college including Admissions, Advising, Student Financial Services, Registrar, and other departments.
  • Customized pre-qualification questions to gather student information before the call and ensure both parties are ready for the meeting. 
  • Dynamic wait time calculations and real-time updates for students via text message to clearly set expectations.
  • Appointment scheduling for in-person and remote Testing Services and remote tutoring via Zoom for the Tutoring Center.
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting to optimize performance and report to leadership.

With QLess, FSW was able to create a more streamlined, efficient, and student-centered approach to service delivery. Staff could now focus on their primary responsibilities, such as processing applications and providing personalized support, rather than constantly managing phone calls, even while working from home.

Critical Capabilities for FSW

“We started with Admissions, but once other departments saw the results, QLess spread like wildfire. Having one unified approach gave us the ability to adapt to new realities like Zoom Meetings and keep on the cutting edge. The old ‘stitch it together’ approach just wasn’t feasible.” – Steven Kolberg, Senior Coordinator of Accessibility and LMS Administrationx

Call Back Queuing

Admissions, Advising, Student Financial Services, Registrar, and other departments.

Appointment Scheduling

In-person and remote Testing Services and remote tutoring via Zoom for the Tutoring Center.

Comprehensive Analytics

Optimize system performance and easy reporting to leadership.
Leading from the Front
"We needed to flip admissions upside down. We didn't think it could get any worse, so why not be bold? We push the envelope a lot - it’s in our DNA."
Jason Dudley
VP, Information Technology and Digital Strategies, FSW

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