Streamline Patient Flow, Enhance Care

Enhance patient care and staff workflow with our cloud native appointment and queueing system.

Take the waiting out of healthcare, improve patient interactions, boost staff productivity, and elevate your patients' healthcare experience.

Cut Wait Times, Not Quality of Care

Let patients jump into line or book appointments via their phone, our website, or onsite kiosks. Say goodbye to crowded waiting rooms and hello to a stress free patient experience.

Transparency for Patients, Predictability for Staff

Mobile patient portal, real time messaging, and waiting room monitors keep patients in the know.

Insights in Real Time, Care at the Speed of Data

Get the lowdown on customer wait times, upcoming surges, and staff efficiency with real-time analytics. No more waiting until the end of the day to learn of a problem. With Qless Live Insights, take immediate action for better results.

From Patient Frustration to Patient Satisfaction

Dissect patient satisfaction trends by department, service, location, or employee giving you the keys to patient happiness.

Vital Healthcare, Clearly Delivered


Reduced No-Shows

Dramatically reduce missed appointments, optimizing your resources.


Reduced Wait Times

No one likes waiting in line, with Qless your patients get control back in their busy schedule.


Improved Patient Satisfaction

Happier and healthier patients as the shared goal.


Improve Patient Experiences Across Departments

From independent labs to hospital networks, we have you covered in every step of the patient journey.


QLess set a new standard

QLess virtual check-in transformed our urgent care facility in ways beyond what I imagined. QLess will become a standard in healthcare systems.
Donald Kimes
Medical Director at Aplus Urgent Care

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